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Husband does not want sexViolence and Abuse Every relationship can go through dry spells when your partner is suddenly less interested in sex than you. It may a short-term problem related to stress at work or other issues that have driven your partner to distraction. Even more commonly, a sudden, hectic schedule—ranging from end-of-year exams to a do-or-die work deadline—can leave your partner exhausted and little interested in anything more than sleep or a night in front of the TV. While dry spells like these are common and usually resolve on their own once things stabilize, a prolonged and unexplained disinterest in sex can be harmful to a relationship and the general well-being of both partners. Not only can this stir feelings of frustration and self-doubt, it may leave you wondering whether this may be your first step toward a sexless marriage. It is not an entirely unfounded concern. According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, as many as six percents of marriages will go an entire year without sex.Sometimes a man does lose attraction for his partner and no longer want to have sex with her — this is true. But it's important to remember that in a long-term. What to do when your husband doesn't want sex - a companion post to part 1, when women don't want sex. How to fix this marriage issue. Sex therapists explain why your husband doesn't want sex—from stress to medical conditions to relationship changes. Plus, what you can do to...the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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