5 films that honor September 11, 2001

5 films that honor September 11, 2001

Published: September 10, 2021

Remembering 9/11: 5 films honoring September 11, 2001

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This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the infamous attacks on the World Trade Center. During this time we will continue to pray for all those who have so valiantly sacrificed and fought for the United States. Below are some films honoring September 11th …

Note: Some of the entries in this list require a distinction due to their graphic content.

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THE PATH TO 9/11, a television show that airs in September, tells the story that led to the destruction of the World Trade Center by terrorists in 2001, beginning with the bombing of the WTC in 1993. THE PATH TO 9/11 is a fascinating story with a strong Christian worldview and very strong conservative, moral elements. It’s one of the best televisions made in years.

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WORLD TRADE CENTER tells the story of two New York Port Authority officials trapped under the rubble of the World Trade Center on September 11 and their families’ reactions. WORLD TRADE CENTER is a gripping, thrilling, patriotic and ultimately inspiring portrayal of a sobering day in American history. It contains a very strong Christian worldview with very strong morally uplifting, family-friendly content, but its biggest downside is too much abuse.

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UNITED 93 is a tense, emotionally charged docudrama about the Islamist terrorist attacks of September 11th, focusing on the American passengers on Flight 93, the East Coast air traffic controllers and the terrorists on Flight 93. Many Americans are probably still not ready to relive the horrific events of that day, but UNITED 93 is a brilliant, realistic portrayal of what happened, but with a lot of strong curses and tense, emotional scenes that are common to many could be disturbing.

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EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE is a very powerful film about the effects of September 11th on a 9 year old boy who has lost his father and finds a mysterious key that could lead to a special message from his father. Despite a few vague swear words and lies, EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE is a rousing, profound, remarkable and uplifting film with a lot of heart.

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ZERO DARK THIRTY is about the assassination of Usama bin Ladin, the leader of Al Qaeda. It focuses on an American agent’s obsession with finding the terrorist leader despite the shy Washington officials. ZERO DARK THIRTY is powerful and patriotic, but you never see the bad guy until the end, and there is a lot of strong profanity and intense violence.

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