Andrew Garfield thinks Tom Holland is the perfect Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield thinks Tom Holland is the perfect Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield shares his thoughts on Spider-Man: No Way Homes Tom Holland and calls him the perfect star for the role.

The incredible Spiderman Star Andrew Garfield shares his thoughts Spider-Man: No way home‘s Tom Holland and calls him the perfect star for the role. Garfield first appeared as a Marvel web slinger in Sony’s rebooted franchise after the Tobey Maguire-led series fell apart while developing a fourth film. The social network star would only carry the role through two films before relaunching the series for the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to low box office returns and mixed critical reception The amazing Spider-Man 2.

Holland would be the one chosen to bring Spider-Man into the MCU Captain America: Civil War before directing two solo films and appearing in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. His upcoming third solo film, Spider-Man: No way home, sees Peter’s life turned upside down after his secret identity was revealed by Mysterio at the end of the year Spider-Man: Far from home and turns to Dr. Stephen Strange, to use a spell to erase everyone’s memory of his identity, only to tear the fabric of time and space apart. Parker will be forced to face a variety of villains, including Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus from Sam Raimis Spider Man Trilogy and Jamie Foxx’s Electro by The amazing Spider-Man 2.

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Garfield recently caught up The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss his work in the upcoming biopic Tammy Faye’s eyes, during which the conversation shifted to the rumored appearance of the actor in Spider-Man: No way home. After spreading rumors again that he’s in the MCU movie, Garfield speaks of his love for Holland’s iteration of the titular hero and his joy in no longer being the gatekeeper to the secrets of the franchise. See what Garfield said below:

I think Tom Holland is just the perfect Peter Parker and Spider-Man, so I’m just super excited. I’m just becoming a fan again, which is my preferred position to sit in the audience and just say, ‘Yeah, you screwed it up buddy, you didn’t do it as well as you could. ‘I’m going to be that guy who just says,’ Yeah, I don’t really love the suit. ‘ [laughs]”

Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider Man No Way Home Stephen

At this stage in the game, the audience shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Garfield continues to rumors of an appearance in Spider-Man: No way home, but it’s nice to hear his love for Holland’s portrayal of the character. Although Garfield’s films weren’t critical favorites like Hollands, his take on the character received constant critical acclaim for the realistic and emotional approach to the character, as well as a return to the vicious personality familiar from the comics. Since he got his due date Spider-Man: HomecomingAudiences similarly fell in love with Holland’s portrayal to capture his awkward teenage years and his mix of wit and emotion.

When throwing in The incredible Spiderman, Garfield often spoke of his love for the comics and his desire to be true to the source material, which defines his humorous comments about being a purist heckler sitting in front of an audience Spider-Man: No way home all the more fun and understandable. Although he didn’t specify his feelings about Holland’s suit after the joke, it’s interesting to note that shortly after the current Spider-Man criticized Garfield’s portrayal for his use of web shooters, the “didn’t make much sense. “Even if Garfield’s heckling is a bit of a blow to Holland, his anticipation is just as great as that of the audience Spider-Man: No way home when it hits theaters on December 17th.

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Source: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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