October 27, 2021

Austin Carr retires from the NFL with “total faith in Jesus Christ”

Austin Carr retires from the NFL with "total faith in Jesus Christ"

Published: October 13, 2021

Austin Carr / Instagram

Austin Carr retires from the NFL with “total faith in Jesus Christ”

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The former wide receiver of the New Orleans Saints wrote a warm, trusting letter announcing his retirement from the National Football League.

“After much prayer and thought, I decided it was time to turn my career in the NFL. It feels surreal to continue from this 20 year old lacing up the cleats every fall, but I am determined to follow the voice of God and it has become clear that He has a new and exciting future ahead of him was prepared by my family and I, ”wrote Carr.

Carr joined the NFL in 2017 as a free agent, first signing with the Patriots before they renounced him later that year. He was then picked up by the Saints, where he hopped through the practice groups and active rosters. He was finally released earlier this year.

The footballer thanked his coaches, agent, family and wife before speaking about the role his beliefs played in that decision.

“To the Lord, who has protected, guided and loved me all along, you are eternally worthy of all the glory, honor and praise from those undeserved lips. Verily, I can sing with the psalmist: ‘Not us, O Lord, not us, but your name, glorify glory for the sake of your steadfast love and loyalty!’ (Psalm 115: 1), ”said Carr.

“A wise man once said, ‘If you want to walk on water, you have to get off the boat.’ It is not always easy, but it is always right to put our full trust in Jesus Christ. To the next season of life, to step on the waters of his calling, ”Carr concluded.

Carr may not be the most famous player in the league, but he says he looked up to one of the best – former Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

When Brees retired, Carr wrote a tribute on Instagram:

Serious competitor, but not too serious to fool around with teammates.
Strong leader, but not too strong to humbly follow the lead of others in case of failure.
World famous but not too famous to chat with your family.
Loyal teammate, but not too loyal to neglect his home duties.
Break the bread with teammates. Eat alone with undrafted beginners. Stay long and study, invite them to dinner, front row Bible study, offer fatherhood advice, lead the team in prayer style.
Much to be missed, but more to look forward to.
Love @drewbrees‼ ️

Carr didn’t say what his next career move would be.

The Saints will next play in Russell Wilson’s Seahawks on October 25th.

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