October 27, 2021

Maintaining a safe work environment is a top priority for many companies around the world. With several sexual and workplace harassment laws passed, employees now enjoy an extra layer of government protection.

Nevertheless, companies must do their part to ensure that their employees feel comfortable and safe in their workplace.

From observing the behavior of their employees to correctly dealing with sexual harassment, companies are responsible for adhering to the code of conduct.

Sexual harassment is a sensitive issue and companies need to develop effective techniques to carefully address this issue.

3 types of harassment

Any kind of harassment, including sexual, can take three different forms:

1. Verbal

The easiest form of harassment to recognize is verbal. Language, comments and sensitive topics are the most common examples.

Since verbal harassment includes written harassment, letters, emails, and texts can be examples of this type of harassment.

2. Physically

Physical harassment is harder to spot and usually involves unwanted physical contact or standing too close to someone.

Offensive body language, gestures, suggestive facial expressions and hand gestures are also examples of physical annoyance.


Posters, pictures, and other visual presentations containing offensive or sexual content could all be categorized as examples of visual harassment and a hostile work environment.

How to Identify Sexual Harassment

Each employee has a unique personality, so some employees may come forward and address sexual harassment while others become silent victims.

For this reason, employees who are responsible for the rest of the workforce must have the necessary knowledge and skills to easily identify sexual harassment in the workplace and to act appropriately and responsibly.

To successfully address and combat sexual harassment in the workplace, those responsible need to be sure that sexual harassment is taking place before taking action.

Some of the most common signs to indicate that the presence of harassment in the workplace contain:

  • Inappropriate behavior (unwanted physical contact, sexist behavior, inappropriate language and jokes, gender-based discrimination)
  • Constant flirting
  • Bullying (using your position or job advantage to get something in return)
  • Oversharing (sharing of too personal information)

If you observe an employee behaving in a similar way, they could sexually harass other employees.

5 things you can do about sexual harassment in the workplace

Business owners and those responsible for maintaining a safe and comfortable work environment can use a variety of methods and techniques to combat or prevent sexual harassment.

Even so, we have single out the top five things you can do to combat sexual harassment in the workplace and deal successfully with this serious problem.

Communicate with your cast and crew

The first thing you should do is speak to your team regularly. The likelihood that some of your people will become victims of sexual harassment is terrifying, which is why managers need to keep in touch with their workers.

Get to know your team better through anonymous surveys on harassment and regular discussions with your employees.

Not only will they become more aware of possible changes in behavior, but they will also have more confidence in their employer and may even get in touch if it comes to harassment.

2. Show leadership

How your cast and crew react to sexual harassment in the workplace depends on the manager’s leadership and awareness of the issue.

As a team leader, you can use your position to show how harassing behavior is dealt with in your company.

In principle, any undesirable behavior, including sexual harassment, should not be tolerated at work. Additionally, a leader should show support and compassion to their team to encourage victims to speak up rather than keep quiet.

By showing leadership and taking action, the crew feels protected and safe while working.

3. Cultivate a friendly and supportive culture

In addition to the leadership and willingness of management to deal with any type of harassment behavior, everyone needs to be aware of what is and what is not tolerated in the workplace.

By cultivating a friendly, open, supportive, and welcoming culture in your company or production facility, employees have more opportunities to get to know each other, build collegial support, and build healthy relationships.

It automatically reduces the chances of someone becoming a victim of sexual harassment.

4. Create a specific policy

Another way to raise awareness of the importance of preventing sexual harassment is to create an internal policy that addresses all types of violence, harassment, and other intolerable behaviors.

The creation and regular revision of this policy will ensure that everyone is in the know from top to bottom what is sexual harassment and how to deal with it properly.

5. Train your employees

Finally, the ultimate tool you can use is to register your team in a Workplace harassment training. This step will give you better results with your team members because specially trained people will work with them on a deeper level.

The professional analysis of your employees can also give you access to previously unknown harassment situations.

Even if you don’t have the resources to organize workplace harassment training, online sexual harassment training could be just what you have been looking for.

By attending the course remotely, your key people can learn more about sexual harassment in a comfortable environment, which often leads to a better outcome.

Say no to sexual harassment in the workplace!

All in all, business leaders can use so many different avenues to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. However, a workplace harassment training course is the ultimate tool to ensure your team knows all about a hostile work environment.

Online sexual harassment training is a better option if your business is mostly remote.

By taking all necessary steps to create a safe and supportive work environment, your employees will know how to respond to any form of harassing behavior.

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