October 27, 2021

Batman breaks his ‘no guns’ rule to a hilarious extent in old cover

Batman breaks his 'no guns' rule to a hilarious extent in old cover

Batman isn’t shy about expressing his aversion to guns, but as an old comic book cover from his early adventures shows, this rule can sometimes be broken.

In DC Comics, Batman is known for being an extremely vocal opponent of guns, but a comic book cover from one of his earliest appearances shows him hilariously breaking his most important rule! Suffice it to say that Batman uses a turret as a weapon while Robin feeds him ammunition is a giant Breaking your no gun rule, but at least the cover image is a good cause.

Shown on the front from 1943 Batman # 15, This issue consists of four separate stories in which the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin thwart the evil plans of those who would harm them. The third entry, entitled “The Two Futures” by Bill Finger and Jack Burnley (who also takes on three roles to illustrate the cover of this issue and another story within), is not readily apparent from which story this cover is Date thing fans can help them understand why Batman gleefully wields a tool of mass destruction on the cover.

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As a kind of “what if?” Story depicting the world in which the Axis powers of WWII win, followed by a possible (and preferable) future in which they lose, Batman and Robin get a glimpse into both futures during a trip to Gotham University. There they start a conversation with the school’s intellectuals to find out exactly what it takes to win (or lose) a war like this, while also calling back to a hilarious cover that throws Batman’s greatest rule out the window .

Batman and Robin Issue # 15 Cover and Story

Trapped and locked up in a Gotham where the Nazis have taken power and ruled with an iron fist, both Batman and Robin are seen with a gun in this particular part of the story, just not like the cover – or the fans – suggest. would expect. Batman and Robin use a bayonet to literally carve steps and then break out of their cell. Meanwhile, the second part of the story sees a world where the Allies win and portrays Batman and Robin in the sky as skilled pilots who still never use a single bullet to get the job done and save the day.

So where does this cover picture come from if the story you see here doesn’t show you with a tower at all? Well, and as the last panel of this story explains, the cover stems from the need for American citizens to continue doing their part in the war effort by buying bonds and postage stamps, with a small disclaimer affixed to the cover to protect them as well Call for encouragement for help. Printed beneath the creepy smiling faces of a buckled-up Batman and Robin, the words “Keep that bullets flying” serve as a call to figurative poor for Americans, with the idea that Batman and Robin will undoubtedly help work wonders and boost morale in the world – and abroad.

So while it’s hilarious that the creators behind this now iconic Batman cover image decided to use a giant tower to bring that point home, the idea behind the cover is meant as well as any other, even more so it comes from a man who doesn’t like guns to start with. And although the character of Batman will never really break his no gun rule, but in hindsight it is fun to see, especially when the best possible future scenario eventually does happen in real life.

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