October 27, 2021

Batman is stronger than daredevil (and Marvel vs DC proved it)

Batman is stronger than daredevil (and Marvel vs DC proved it)

At the massive Marvel vs. DC crossover event, fans got many of their questions answered, including whether Batman or Daredevil is the stronger hero.

Marvel versus DC settled a huge fan debate by showing this Batman is stronger than Daredevil. The 1996 intercompany crossover, which allowed fans to vote for the winner in battles between comic book heroes and villains, began with a dimensional break where characters were randomly scattered between each universe. While the characters from DC and Marvel tried to understand these events and their meanings, one such crossover ended as the deadly assassin Bullseye ended up in the Batcave, where he quickly made enemies of two of its residents, Batman and Robin.

Despite the famous company rivalry, characters like Spider-Man and Superman were part of previous crossovers that took place in a shared continuity where both DC and Marvel characters not only knew each other, but always worked side by side. the Marvel versus DC Miniseries (also published as DC versus Marvel) by Ron Marz and Peter David with the art of Dan Jürgens and Claudio Castellini was the first in which both groups of figures interact based on their respective continuities. Caused by two almighty brothers whose awareness of one another resulted in a battle of champions to see who deserves to live, Marvel versus DC began with characters disappearing from their familiar surroundings or surroundings to end up in a new universe, with new allies and threats.

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In DC vs Marvel # 1Batman tries to negotiate Robin’s safety from Bullseye, who has a knife to Tim Drake’s throat and demands answers. Disoriented by his sudden teleportation, Bullseye laughs at Batman’s attempt to intimidate him with his looks and name. When Robin escapes his grip, Batman throws a batarang at Bullseye, which the psychopathic killer catches and quickly redirects to the fearsome vigilante. But the Dark Knight evades what is unsettling Bullseye, who, like Suicide Squad’s Deadshot, claims he is “never misses.” Batman hits him with a direct slap in the face and the villain admits: “You hit … even harder than … as a … daredevil.” before you pass out.

Marvel vs. DC Batman Daredevil

Although Batman and Daredevil are from different universes, they have a lot in common (so some fans argue they should swap names). Both suffered the traumatic loss of a parent, both spent significant amounts of time exercising their minds and bodies, and both wearing costumes designed to scare and intimidate criminals. While Matt takes advantage of his heightened senses and radar to offset his blindness, he’s also battled Bullseye countless times. Damaging Matt Murdock in a way that few villains have by killing Karen Page, Bullseye is a threat not just to Daredevil but to pretty much everyone he encounters. He’s perfectly ready to kill Robin with little thought or thought, and his experience with Daredevil’s signature billy club makes manipulating a batarang a breeze. Even so, Bullseye was completely unprepared for Batman’s training or strength, especially after threatening his partner’s life at his sacred base of operations.

There is an argument that Daredevil is maybe even more Experienced Fighter as Batman, as he can predict his opponents and his surroundings with his enhanced senses and personal radar, but it is clear that the Dark Knight simply hits harder than the man without fear. Marvel versus DC may have resolved some of his face-offs via fan voting, but in the case of Batman and DaredevilIt turns out that the companies agree that Gotham’s protector has more clout than the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

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