October 27, 2021

Black Panther & Storm can finally have an equal relationship

Black Panther & Storm can finally have an equal relationship

The King of Wakanda and the Regent of Arakko have loved each other for years and their new roles could be just what their relationship needs.

WARNING: spoilers ahead for SWORD # 8!

As one of Marvel Comics‘most iconic romantic pairings, the relationship between Black Panther and storm is one for the ages, but its dynamics have not always been the same – until now. The King of Wakanda and the newly-discovered Regent of Arakko have always been a precious part of each other’s lives. And a reunion between T’Challa and Ororo Munroe is exactly what fans have been waiting for for years.

Now that both are preoccupied with responsibility on a cosmic level, the two of them understand each other better than ever. And while the Storm and Black Panther have not been an official item for a long time Avengers vs. X-Men, many readers still see them as soul mates. And if recent developments in the lives of both characters are any indication, these readers might be right.

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SWORD # 8 by Al Ewing and Guiu Vilanova consolidates Storm’s new rule as the leader of the planet Arakko. With a world of highly evolved mutants seeking her guidance, she knows the weight of the crown T’Challa wears better than ever. Meanwhile, his crown has only gotten heavier there Black panther # 25 of Ta-Nehisi Coates and more cemented his rule as the leader of the intergalactic empire of Wakanda. But despite their chic new titles, the duo are still very much in love. Through Black panther # 25, they still refer to themselves as “Lover,” and in the King in Black: Black Panther One-shot of Geoffrey Thorne and Germán Peralta, the King of Wakanda is torn between what he can do to protect his people from the symbiote invasion and rushing to the aid of Storm. The couple’s feelings for one another are clearly still incredibly strong, and with their newfound roles, there has never been a better time to reunite.

Storm has always been incredibly powerful at every level, and she was even treated as a goddess before her time with the X-Men, but her recent political upgrade has taken her to a whole new level. An iconic X-Man and, for a short time, a member of the Avengers, Storm had her fair share of responsibility as both a hero and Wakanda’s queen. But for all their duties and titles, Storm’s various influential roles still created a dynamic very different from the relationship between her husband and his people.

Now, T’Challa’s Wakanda expansion changed the coats of the King and Black Panther forever. It was never a question that Black Panther and Storm’s relationship was based on love, but their breakup was in Avengers vs. X-Men proved that the Black Panther’s duty to Wakanda came first. And as the leader of the Wakandan intergalactic empire, T’Challa’s responsibility has only grown.

Black panther and storm

But with her new position as Regent of Arakko, Storm’s responsibilities have grown too. As ruler of a superpowered planet, she has become the standard voice for the Sol system in the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe, making her as politically powerful as her lover. And should they finally reunite, as recent events have indicated, they would both have an incredible responsibility to ground them and keep their love in view.

In the eyes of the fans storm and Black Panther belong together. And their recent promotions only prove that point even more. Since your new tasks take even more time, Marvel Comics It would be wise to reunite these two separated lovers before they literally cross the stars.

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