October 27, 2021

Bob Saget talks about his last conversation with Norm Macdonald

Bob Saget talks about his last conversation with Norm Macdonald

In a heartfelt video posted on his YouTube channel, Bob Saget reflects on the life of Norm Macdonald and shares the last conversation between the two.

In a heartfelt video, Bob Saget recalls his close friend, the late Norm Macdonald, and reveals their last conversation. Macdonald died on September 14th after a 10-year battle with an unknown form of cancer. Macdonald, a popular Canadian-born comedian, got it started SNL as the moderator of the Weekend Update segment and known for his biting wit and comedic style.

Macdonald and Saget met in 1978 at a comedy club in Ottawa, Canada, and became a lifelong friend. The two eventually worked on the 1998 comedy titled Dirty work, starring Macdonald and directed by Saget. Their most recent collaboration came in a video on Macdonald’s YouTube channel last year of the two chatting in quarantine.

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In a new video posted on his YouTube channel, Saget reflected on Macdonald’s life and fondly remembered their time together. After explaining how the two of them met, Saget hopped through various fond memories he had of Norm over the years. “He was one of the most important people in my life and one of the cutest. And we loved each other“Says Saget with tears. Saget would then reveal his final interaction with Macdonald. Read one of Saget’s quotes and watch the full video below:

“Two weeks ago he texted me: ‘How are you? What are you doing? Are you doing stand-up?’ And I answered him with way too many words. And then I didn’t hear anything. And then last week I got a text message and it was just, ‘I love you.’ And I didn’t reply much, just said, ‘I love you, norm. ‘ And that was my last communication with him. “

Saget went on to address Macdonald’s unique – and sometimes dark – comedic style, saying, “He was a comedic genius. Anyone who didn’t get it, I’m sorry you didn’t get it.“One memory caught Saget’s eye in particular: that of his own roast on Comedy Central. Macdonald, one of those supposed to toast Saget, decided to deliberately bombard the live audience by reading jokes from a 1940s joke book read instead of toasting someone who was a close personal friend. “It was so anti-frying … He didn’t want to fry his friend“Says Saget. Saget is choked and adds: “He made me better. He made me better as a comedian, but more importantly, he was a real friend. Our friendship was really very deep. “

Saget’s video is the most intimate and moving tribute to Macdonald yet because it is clearly from someone who was a true friend of the man. Although he realizes that as a comedian Macdonald has often gone to a place of darkness, he paints of Macdonald the picture of a brilliant and kind man who operates at a level of comedy that surpasses almost all others. One of the most revealing signs of his genius is the respect he has received from fellow comedians, as evidenced by the tributes they recently shared to commend Macdonald’s brilliance.

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