October 27, 2021

BOTW Player slips into the first-person view without a master cycle

BOTW Player slips into the first-person view without a master cycle

A recent bug in Breath of the Wild came from a player who found a way to enter a first person perspective without using the Master Cycle DLC.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘S Open World has led to many discoveries years after its release in 2017 – including a recent bug from a player who found an easier way to get into a first person perspective without using the Master Cycle DLC. While glitches are seemingly inevitable in games with such open worlds, BOTW Developers purposely left some entertaining glitches in the game.

While Breath of the wild is largely a third-person experience, the idea of ​​exploring the world of Hyrule (or other Nintendo titles) from a first-person perspective appeals to some; So much so that Nintendo released VR glasses as part of the Nintendo Labo collection in 2019. However, it did not live up to expectations. Fortunately, a team of talented modders are working on one Breath of the wild VR experience that will. Until this mod comes out, however, there is another way to get a first-person perspective on the game.

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Thanks to Reddit user Diamond-Herobrine, it is now known that players can step into a first-person perspective – an accomplishment previously only possible with the Master Cycle, a vehicle that can only be accessed after purchasing the DLC content in. is available Breath of the wild. The post includes a video of the glitch and its fix, showing a complicated series of inputs that lead to the change of perspective. Diamond-Herobrine assures users in the comments that it’s not as difficult as the video makes it look, but it’s safe to say that this is still not for beginners.

As interesting as this bug may sound, it unfortunately cannot stay active throughout the game. As another user pointed out in the comments, this first-person view is not going to last through fights and other events in the game. Players can still throw weapons in this mode, but anything that would normally disable the camera rune, such as running, jumping, or swinging a sword, brings back the original third-person perspective. This may not be as convenient as some others Breath of the wild Glitches, but it offers a unique perspective that some have been hoping for.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds The stamina seems to stay constant with each passing year, and the gameplay still pushes players to learn more about its intricacies and possible glitches. The way this game is played has changed over the years due in part to such exploration, and such an approach could stand the test of time even after that Breath of the wild Continuation comes out.

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Source: Diamond-Herobrine / Reddit

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