October 27, 2021

Brendan & Pieper no longer follow each other on Instagram

Brendan & Pieper no longer follow each other on Instagram

Fans wondering if BIP stars Brendan and Pieper will be together after the show may have gotten a hint that the two aren’t following each other on Instagram.

After mountains of controversy, Bachelor in paradise Stars Brendan Morais and Pieper James seem to be on the run as they both don’t follow each other on Instagram. After Brendan and Pieper’s relationship was no longer pursued by thousands, it has certainly been put to the test, and the two may not be built to last. Many fans have wondered if Brendan and Pieper are a couple after they leave GDP, but they do not follow each other, suggests a breakup.

Brendan and Pieper emerged from their respective seasons The Bachelorette and The bachelor as fan favorites, and both of them were ready to become a big deal Bachelor in paradise. Before the show began, however, rumors circulated that the two had started dating. on paradise‘Brendan was a performer for a week, but the rumors of him and Pieper followed him to the beach. Brendan’s and Pieper’s relationship resulted in one of the most chaotic storylines in the series, and the two now pariah were essentially banished from exile GDP.

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After Brendan and Pieper’s plans for more punching were blown, it’s no surprise they eventually left paradise, but it’s unclear if their pre-show relationship survived after the show. Before their season Bachelor in paradise began to ventilate, Brendan and Beeper regularly liked each other’s posts on Instagram, suggesting they appeared on each other’s feeds. A look at their list below shows that Brendan and Pieper do not follow each other. As part of the backlash they received afterwards GDP, Brendan and Pieper lost over 100,000 followers together, and the controversy could have torn them apart.

Brendan Morais-Pieper James Bachelor in Paradise

Brendan and Pieper may have had real feelings at first, but their plan to move on GDP Gaining more popularity and followers has made their relationship cheaper in the eyes of fans and possibly each other. Deserved or not, the backlash against Brendan and Pieper has been immense, and pretty much the entire Bachelor nation has united against them. This level of stress and control would be difficult for any couple to manage, and it is possible that the criticism became too much for Brendan and Pieper.

Too skeptical, of course Bachelor in paradise Fans, this could just be another bad attempt at damage control by two cast members trying to save as much of their reputations as possible. The drama of Pieper and Brendan has quickly turned into a legendary controversy in Bachelor Nation that will not be quickly forgotten. It’s hard to tell if Brendan and Pieper’s latest move in distancing themselves from each other is a real reaction to stress or some other calculated plan, but either way, it probably won’t popularize them with fans.

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Bachelor in paradise airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: Brendan Morais / Instagram, Pieper James / Instagram

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