October 27, 2021

Death Note’s Donald Trump story is officially released in English

Death Note's Donald Trump story is officially released in English

Death Note: Short Stories comes from Viz Media, including “The a-Kira Story,” in which a cowardly President parodies Donald Trump.

Viz Media announced that a new collection of short stories from the original authors of Death report will be released in the summer of 2022, including a strange and controversial story with a character seemingly based on the forty-fifth President of the United States. Donald Trump.

Although the manga run ended in 2006, Death report has remained a popular series around the world. After being screened live in both Japan and Netflix, interest in the series grew again and prompted the series creators, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, to return to the franchise. This culminated in the publication of the anthology book Death Note: Short Stories, which was released in Japan in February 2021 and is one of these short films, is the latest work in the series’ universe, “The a-Kira Story”.

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“The a-Kira Story” first debuted in 2019 during an exhibition in Japan celebrating Ohba’s 30-year career. It was unnamed at the time and was therefore referred to by fans as “Never Complete One-Shot”, which takes its name from that of the exhibition. The story involves Ryuk returning to the human world with the Death Note in hopes of finding someone who is just as fun as Light. The boy he’s offering it to this time, Minoru, asks for a two-year delay before taking possession of it, and during that time decides to auction the Death Note to the highest bidder. Of course, such a powerful weapon attracts the attention of many powerful people, including the then President of the United States. While Donald Trump is not named in history, the American President’s looks are clearly Trump’s. Now, Viz Media has announced that the compendium will be published in summer 2022.

Trump and Ryuk in Death Note

Because the story was available in such a limited form it was largely beyond scrutiny by the American media, but an English translation could change that. As with others Death report Stories, it exposes many of its characters’ flaws and worst behaviors, and the former president is certainly no exception. His portrayal is far from flattering, and the resolution of the story seems a very pointed shot as the president rejects a new ruling that says he must die for America to take possession of the Death Note and “protect” it , and decides to just lie to the world about owning them instead. Manga rarely addresses current events, so this marked departure from the norm seems to suggest that Ohba had some strong opinions about Donald Trump that he needed to express.

“The a-Kira Story” was the first piece of news Death report Material created over a decade when Ohba and Obata were busy working on it Platinum finish, among other things. Other shorts in the collection contain the original Death report Pilot chapter, two short films about Kira’s detective opponent L and one with the title “The C-Kira Story”, in which L’s successor Near competes against an imitator of the original Kira. Many of these stories have never been translated or officially published in English, including Donald Trump‘s appearance, which makes this the biggest re-release Death report Content outside of Japan in years.

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Source: Viz Media

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