October 27, 2021

Donna Beneviento cosplay from Resident Evil Village fan is perfect

Donna Beneviento cosplay from Resident Evil Village fan is perfect

A Resident Evil Village fan tweeted pictures of his extremely detailed Donna Beneviento cosplay, complete with her infamous doll, Angie.

A dedicated one Resident Evil Village Fan recently uploaded pictures showing her intricate cosplay of Donna Beneviento. Resident Evil Village is the latest edition of the resident Evil Series and allows players to wander through an Eastern European-style village seemingly stuck in the Victorian era – and encounter dangerous mutants in the process.

There are many fan favorite characters in the game, such as Resident Evil Villages vampire Lady Alcina Dimitrescu. Another popular character is Donna Beneviento, a ghostly mutant who hides behind a black veil of grief and speaks through her handmade doll, Angie. Donna is the last member of the Beneviento clan, a family known for being skilled doll makers. She lives on her family’s estate with her dolls, which she affectionately calls “Friends.” Players must destroy Donna in order to advance in the game, but this proves to be a difficult task as she is a master at causing hallucinations and controlling her puppets.

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A freelance illustrator named seal of approval posted on Twitter pictures of her extremely detailed Donna Beneviento cosplay. The pictures show Cachet wearing all black clothes and holding her handmade Angie. The details of Angie are impressive; from the cracks in her face to the white tip of her outfit. They mention in their tweet that this is hers “first real cosplay.” Cachet also explains that this is the first time they have sewed and only the second time they have modeled a piece.

Cachet shared details about the process behind creating Angie in the comments below her tweet. They first molded aluminum foil into the doll’s limbs and then covered them with a white foam-like substance. After painting the gray shadows, cracked face, and gold jewelry on the doll, they tucked Donna Beneviento’s doll into her eerily tattered white dress. According to Cachet, the project took about two months. the Resident Evil Village Fans wore their cosplay to this year’s Colorado Festival of Horror, which took place September 10-12.

Cachets Cosplay with her handmade doll is just one example of fan creations (or rather replicas) inspired by the survival horror game. The game has been in the market for several months now and fans are currently waiting for Capcom’s release Resident Evil Village DLC for the game. While waiting, they can appreciate the devotion and creativity of others resident Evil Fans and their creative interpretations.

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Source: Cachet / Twitter

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