October 27, 2021

Endwalker video showcases new jobs and job skills

Endwalker video showcases new jobs and job skills

Final Fantasy XIV recently revealed some new skills and job changes that are coming to the game in its upcoming Endwalker Expansion Pack.

Final Fantasy XIV presented some new skills and job changes coming to the game in the upcoming expansion, End converter. Producer Naoki Yoshida explained these details in FFXIVs the current Letter from the Producer stream, a format the developers use to interact and communicate with fans. The game has grown in popularity over the past year, so much so that FFXIVs Servers experienced player overload in June.

Even though Final Fantasy XIV Having become a hit MMORPG in recent years, the game was almost a lost cause after having one of the worst starts in the history of its genre. Its success is due in part to its responsive gameplay. Players are tasked with choosing from a list of jobs that will then give them exclusive skills, abilities, and a unique display that will serve as the basis for each game. With each expansion, the developers have expanded these displays by offering new mechanics that fundamentally change the mechanics of some jobs.

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During his letter from the producer stream, Final Fantasy XIV (above Comic book) showed these new mechanics and abilities that will be included in the next expansion. Some notable additions gave the black mages hybrid spells that allow them to cast fire and ice at the same time, allowing summoners to literally summon the full powers of Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda (rather than just Egis). The casting time for offensive spells from healers is also reduced in End converter.

The biggest highlights, however, were the new jobs for Reaper and Sage. The Reaper is a DPS job that can summon a demon to stand by his side in combat, and uses a meter to recharge and unleash a barrage of demonic attacks. It can tear open portals for easier movement and emphasizes mobility in the middle of battle. The sage is a healer job that is added as the first healer FFXIV in six years because of the greater difficulties in balancing health professions. The job itself is a mix of DPS and healer as it can attack enemies and heal players at the same time. It mainly uses barriers to protect other players from harm and to make up for the lack of regenerative healing that other such jobs have.

It appears Final Fantasy XIV‘S Its popularity lasted until the fall, when the FFXIV The Complete Edition sold out last July and so many new features are being added End converter. As a result, it looks like End converter arrives at exactly the perfect time to take advantage of the game’s rising popularity. As the expansion’s release approaches, fans can while away the time preparing as they indulge in new jobs and skills.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will be released on November 23, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Sources: Comic, Final Fantasy XIV / YouTube

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