October 27, 2021

Entourage Creator accuses billions of writers of stealing its idea

Entourage Creator accuses billions of writers of stealing its idea

Doug Ellin, creator of the HBO series Entourage, accuses Billions writers of stealing his idea and says they should “burn in hell”.

Doug Ellin, creator of the hit HBO series entourage, has accused the makers Billions to steal his idea. Ellin was born in 2004 after the release of. famous as a screenwriter entourage, and has since enjoyed a career in Hollywood with highlights including a BAFTA win, three Emmy nominations, and a seat on the board of directors of the Greenwich International Film Festival. Entourage, which followed the career of young actor Vincent Chase in his pursuit of fame in Hollywood, ran for eight seasons, and landed Ellin an eight-figure deal to continue producing television for HBO. Ellin tried to capitalize on the success of his hit show in 2015 by releasing a film adaptation of the series and has been releasing a reboot of in recent years entourage.

Ellin has been no stranger to controversy for the past decade. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, critics have argued that Harvey Weingard’s character in entourage bears a striking resemblance to Harvey Weinstein, the convicted sex offender and former producer. Ellin responded to criticism of his show by calling it “PC culture. “He recently started the podcast, Hollywood Wayz, which aims to give the audience everything they need to know about life in Hollywood. It was on the latest episode of the show that Ellin spoke publicly about his feelings about the production and the recent renewal of Billions.

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Ellin goes on to argue Hollywood Wayz the how entourage Just finished, he was looking for an idea for a hedge fund themed show and two friends to help him write. Ellin then claims that she “sold it to HBO“Who ended”pass on. ”Two years later he met Andrew Ross Sorkin, who expressed a desire to do a show.in the hedge fund world. “Ellin claims he then decided to set Sorkin up with the two friends he had previously worked with on the condition that he would later get on as a producer.” Ellin reportedly never heard from the trio again until one of them told Ellin that he “a show in the hedge fund world called Billions.“Although all of this happened years ago, Ellin’s opinions on the matter were strong:

“That was as low a rent, low lifetime as possible … I don’t want any of it. I want the universe to take care of itself and burn them in hell. “


Ellin refused to give names during the discussion, but dropped an important note by claiming that those involved wrote the 1990s drama. Rounder. If so, Ellin is likely referring to Brian Koppleman and David Levien. Both are credited as authors on Rounder, and as two of the three co-creators of Billions alongside Andrew Ross Sorkin. Ellin’s comments come over half a decade later Billions Debut, which might explain why he declared he wanted “nothing“from this. Even so, his comments suggest that the matter is still an emotional one for the writer and producer.

Hollywood is no stranger to large-scale and high-profile intellectual property disputes. As recently as 2019, Sony and Disney battled Spider-Man and his place in the MCU, a dispute that reportedly nearly resulted in the web slinger being pulled from all future MCU projects. If Ellin’s comments are true, they show how intense and breakneck the world of writing and production in Hollywood can be. While he doesn’t want the situation, Ellin’s story tells a lot about the way Hollywood makes its films and television, and how it can make and lose fame as a writer and producer, even for the hit series writers like entourage.

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