Erika Jayne accuses attorney Ronald Richards of extortion

Erika Jayne accuses attorney Ronald Richards of extortion

Erika Jayne accused the attorney who created a case against her of extortion, which led to another Twitter argument in which he denied her allegations.

Erika Jayne accuses attorney Ronald Richards of blackmail after offering The real housewives of Beverly Hills to make a deal when she willingly returns the $ 25 million Tom Girardi allegedly stole. Erika’s estranged husband is accused of embezzling millions of dollars in settlement funds to go to plane crash victims. Erika claims she was unaware of her husband’s alleged crimes prior to his arrest, but most fans don’t buy it. In a recent episode, Erika exploded at Sutton’s office for admitting that she doesn’t believe Erika is 100 percent honest. She promised several times that if Sutton kept on talking, Tom would pursue her with lawsuits. Many fans, including Sutton, found this confusing, as Erika previously described Tom as senile and powerless.

A $ 25 million lawsuit was officially filed against Erika about a month ago. Prosecutor Ronald offered Erika a deal if she would reimburse the victims with the money they owed. In an interview, he revealed that the deal won’t last forever, and at that point she only had 10 days to accept or decline the terms of the deal. In response to Erika’s claim that the attorneys involved are only concerned with getting their fees, Ronald stated that they would be willing to forego their fees and give the entire $ 25 million to the victims if Erika approves the deal. He says if she really cared about helping the victims, she would return the money to those who need it most.

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Erika now names the terms of Ronald’s blackmail deal and calls him out on Twitter. At first, Ronald tweeted Erika, reminds her that she has seven days left to accept his deal. Erika replied to the tweet, claiming it sounded like blackmail to her. Ronald Didn’t take it well to be accused of blackmailing the reality TV star. He went back to Twitter to try to clear her up. He said extortion occurs when someone is given property or induced to do something for them, either through the use of fear tactics or through other illegal methods. He also said that Erika compares that he is offering her a deal, nowhere near the definition of blackmail. Ronald added that he hoped that Erika would show him some compassion for the victims by offering her this deal and accepting it.

Not only does Erika accuse Ronald of blackmail, she’s upset about how he treated her after she filed her last appeal. According to Erika, Ronald is poisoning public opinion about her by devastating her on social media. She said he was power hungry and intimidated her RHOBH Co-stars and others who assist them by threatening them with an investigation. She is likely referring to Ronald pursuing Lisa Rinna, claiming that Erika spent a lot of money in her daughters store and invested in her beauty brand. Regarding her allegations and the appeal she has lodged, Ronald claims that Erika’s statements are unfounded. He says he sees no basis for a legal argument, but he fully expected her to appeal. He ended his testimony by saying that Erika should stop wasting her money on legal fees and instead focus on repaying the victims.

With so many questions about Erika’s alleged guilt or innocence, wouldn’t it be easier for Erika to just repay the money? Erika’s social media personality since the legal scandal broke out has not exuded the mood that she regrets her husband’s actions and is sad for the victims. She didn’t even publicly acknowledge the victims and the struggle for their lives after not receiving that money. It will be interesting to see what your legal team thinks of this RHOBH Star who beat up lawyers on the other side on such a public platform.

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