Fortnite Season 8 leak evidence of rideable monsters

Fortnite Season 8 leak evidence of rideable monsters

The same Fortnite insider source that leaked the Shang-Chi and Will Smith skins has reported that mountable monsters will find their way into Season 8.

Fourteen daysAccording to a leak, the latest season could include wheeled monsters. This leak comes just days before Fourteen days Season 8, which will be released this Monday and will follow Fourteen daysSeason 7’s end event. Should this feature find its way into the game, it will be supplemented by a number of other updates as part of the seasonal update.

The hugely popular battle royale game has just gotten weird since its release in 2017 and is constantly being expanded with new game mechanics and fancy concepts. Season 7 featured a variety of science fiction elements, including a massive alien invasion and appropriately themed weapons, equipment, and skins. Players also had the option to control UFOs – a fantastic spin on the interactive vehicles that were introduced to the game last year. As developer Epic Games continues to add new features Fourteen days, seem to open up additional opportunities for crazy and creative subjects.

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According to an article by DualShockers, wheeled monsters could appear as the newest themed vehicles. This information comes from the same source that leaked the most recent Will Smith skin along with various other confirmed additions. Allegedly these monsters are part of a “sideways“Dimension inspired by the popular Netflix series Strange things. Apparently these creatures “leak“from the alternative dimension, at which point they become mobile. To what extent are the”sidewaysS.“Dimension will go beyond these potentially mountable creatures is currently unclear.

Fortnite Impossible Escape loading screen

Season 8 is only a few days away, so everyone Fourteen days Fan will surely be delighted with this possibility. While this functionality is not verified, many of the leaks from this source are, including the title of the season 7 final event and the Shang-Chi skin that is being added Fourteen days, was exactly in the end. While this source has been reliable in the past, fans should take every leak with a healthy grain of salt.

Assuming this leak turns out to be true, there could be some very interesting implications for the wider game features and dynamics of the. to have Fourteen days. These monsters could offer very different traversal options, possibly with climbing or flight mechanics built in. As this source claims that the monsters are inspired by Strange things, their inclusion could also give Epic a chance to shake up Fourteen days‘s art style with something edgier. Thankfully, fans don’t have to speculate for long as the truth behind this leak will be revealed on September 13th.

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Fourteen days is currently free to play on PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Dualshockers

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