Gabrielle Union regrets not having made her angry the character

Gabrielle Union regrets not having made her angry the character

Reflecting on her breakout performance in Bring It On, Gabrielle Union wished she had allowed her character to be angrier and less “appropriate”.

Actress Gabrielle Union reflected her performance in Bring it on, notices that she regrets not allowing her character to be ostentatiously angry. The cult cheerleading classic starring Kirsten Dunst at Union’s side was released in 2000. Bring it on was followed by a number of direct-to-video sequels, though none featured Dunst, Union or their co-stars Eliza Dushku and Jesse Bradford.

The comedy follows Dunst’s suburban cheerleading squad battling for another national title, only to learn that their former captain stole the routines of a competing group of black cheerleaders in East Compton. Union portrayal of Isis, the captain of the East Compton Clovers, is believed to be her breakthrough role. Directed by Peyton Reed who later became the Ant man Franchise, Bring it on celebrated his 20thNS Anniversary last year, which brought back fond memories from the actors and fans.

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Per THR, Union commented on her 21-year performance in an interview with Good morning America, noted that she chose to “snout“Your character and make it”appropriate. ”More than twenty years in hindsight, Union regrets her portrayal of Isis and wishes the character had expressed the full extent of her anger. “I realized that I have to get by and acknowledge where I have failed Isis“Said Union. Read more from Union below:

“I was given the full range to do what I wanted with Isis Bring it on, and I chose to be seriousness and class and take the high road because I felt it would be appropriate to be the right kind of black girl … Black girls are not allowed to be angry. Certainly not ostentatiously angry, and I muzzled her … I made her that decent, kind leader, and I was still a villain in this film for holding her accountable for stealing her work and cultural appropriation wanted to have. I’ve changed the whole shape for a character without realizing that I’m doing the same to myself. I did not allow myself the full range of my humanity. “

Gabrielle Union and Kirsten Dunst in Bring it On

As Union notes above, part of their reasoning in portraying Isis as “gracious leader“Was an attempt not to disparage her character. Unfortunately, Isis was still perceived as a villain by some viewers, which made Union’s attempts somewhat in vain. Peyton Reed and screenwriter Jessica Bendinger have publicly denied such perceptions and stated that the tensions within Bring it on is not so much personified in an individual, but rather it is about the topics of culture theft, appropriation and dealing with one’s own moral compass.

Union’s memories and regrets mark a self-reflective shift in her career as the actress has now penned two memoirs – 2017 We’re going to need more wine and their latest publication, Do you have something stronger? Most recently she starred in the comedy-action crime series, LA’s finest. Still calls for another Bring it on The sequel has grown after the movie’s anniversary, and Union has teased a reunion of the original cast. If she actually repeats her role as Isis, the actress may redeem the character and portray her with, as Union hopes. “their full humanity. “

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