October 27, 2021

Genshin Impact announces rewards for anniversary community events

Genshin Impact announces rewards for anniversary community events

The developer of Genshin Impact has revealed further events and rewards for the upcoming anniversary of the game, but these have not been well received by the fans.

Genshin impact Developer miHoYo has revealed the community events and rewards for the game’s one year anniversary. While it was initially only available on PlayStation 4, PC and mobile devices, Genshin impact came in 2021 with plans for a future Nintendo Switch release on PS5.

After starting as a free-to-play action RPG in September 2020, Genshin impact became an overnight success. As the player base grew, it quickly evolved into an engaging community full of character discussions, fan art, lore theories, and more. The fans have criticized the game and its developer in the last few weeks, however; many have recently been upset about Genshin Impacts First anniversary bonuses announced. The year-long milestone is a week away and there is still a lot of controversy over the gift of the 10 Intertwined Fates, which some argue is poor for a year-long celebration. While miHoYo didn’t address these complaints directly, it does seem to have more anniversary rewards in store.

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In a post on the official Genshin impact Website offered miHoYo a preview of the community-specific events and rewards for the game’s anniversary. The community events don’t happen in-game, they happen everywhere Genshin impact‘s official social media channels. The “Unforgettable Journey” theater event will run from September 28th to October 12th and will reward players with Primogems, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore and Hero’s Wit for engaging in their own experiences Genshin impact over the past year. The Message in Time event will also take place between September 29th and October 7th, where players can create their own anniversary cards for a 10% chance of a Welkin Moon blessing or a 90% chance of receiving 100,000 Mora to be won.

Other upcoming community anniversary events include a cosplay contest, word puzzle challenge, photo raffle, and a re-posting giveaway. The rewards for these events range from Primogems and cash prizes to an iPhone 13 and a Razor gaming mouse. Some anniversary competitions are already running and show a lot of fan art such as a pointillist portrait of Xiao Genshin impact.

These newly announced events (and most importantly their rewards) have made for an even bigger stir in the Genshin impact Community, as some players see them as a slap in the face. Many have accused miHoYo of using the game’s anniversary as an excuse to advertise, and others have pointed out that the amount of Primogems on offer isn’t even enough for a single trait. Given the poor response to miHoYo’s handling of the anniversary rewards in the game, the developer could actually make a bad situation worse.

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Genshin impact is available for PS5, PS4, PC, iOS and Android.

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