God Of War Ragnarok confirms the return of the one-shot camera

God Of War Ragnarok confirms the return of the one-shot camera

God of War Ragnarok Narrative Director Matt Sophos has confirmed that the title will use a single, uninterrupted recording like Adventure 2018.

Similar to the entry from 2018, God of war Ragnarok is based on one-shot camera technology, according to narrative director Matt Sophos. God of War The long, non-stop recording from 2018 was impressive, but not exactly new to gaming. At long last, Splinter Cell: Conviction Likewise, there were no camera cuts in line with the ambitious vision of Creative Director Maxime Béland. But Santa Monica Studio still managed to embrace the tech, given the chaotic gameplay that ranged from frantic battles with dozens of enemies to large-scale boss battles against giant creatures.

God of War Creative Director Cory Barlog previously announced that he originally came up with the idea of ​​unbroken recording for the Grave robbers Restart. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix didn’t move on with Barlog’s suggestion, but it clearly struck a nerve on his return to the house that Kratos had built. Barlog and other developers at Santa Monica Studio have spoken openly about the difficulty of accomplishing such a feat; Apparently there were times when some team members wanted to give up the idea entirely because they feared it would prove too damaging to the overall product. But it seems the crew has doubled the usefulness of the tech.

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episode God of War Raganroks Gameplay reveal at the recent PlayStation Showcase asked fans if the sequel would use the one-shot camera. Narrative Director Matt Sophos responded to such a request through his personal social media profile, telling a curious Twitter user that Ragnarok will indeed boast “an unbroken shot like 2018. “See the short exchange in the thread linked below:

Since God of war Ragnarok Marking the end of the Norse saga of Kratos, it makes sense that touchstones would return from the 2018 adventure. It remains to be seen whether the technology will prove to be just as successful a second time, but what has not been shown so far seems promising.

Interestingly, the director counts as a notable change for the upcoming entry. Cory Barlog does not direct the Ragnarok-centered story; instead, the honor went to Eric Williams, a God of War Veteran who played a key role on the design team for all previous editions. It then appears that God of wars The next trip is in good hands.

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God of war Ragnarok A due date is missing, but it is expected to hit PS4 and PS5 in 2022.

Source: Matt Sophos / Twitter via GamingBolt

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