God Of War Ragnarök Studio confirms the mighty height of the Norse god Tyr

God Of War Ragnarök Studio confirms the mighty height of the Norse god Tyr

Following its PlayStation 5 showcase segment, Santa Monica Studio confirmed the height of its Nordic God of War character Tyr on Twitter.

The Santa Monica Studio recently confirmed the height of Kratos’ Nordic counterpart Tyr from the upcoming God of war Ragnarok. Ragnarok, the successor to the series part from 2018 God of War, was announced during a PlayStation 5 showcase in 2020 with a target for the 2021 release year. However, Ragnarok should now hit the shelves in 2022.

God of war Ragnarok returned with a new trailer during the PlayStation 5 showcase last Thursday. The trailer offered a first look at Ragnarok‘s gameplay, but it ended with no release date or window at the end of the trailer. That being said, Santa Monica Studio followed up its trailer with a number of Ragnarok Character art that shows the distinctive appearances of the squad and accompanying actors. Tyr was included in this collection, but his extremely tall height is not so obvious in the graphics alone.

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A few hours later RagnarokThe gameplay trailer was released online, Santa Monica Studios The Twitter account asked the followers to guess the height of the Norse god Tyr. To help viewers find the answer, the tweet provided a clue by including a video of Tyr slowly standing upright and then towering over Kratos. A Twitter user, Head spawn, suspected that Tyr might be standing at the inhuman height of eight feet, and Santa Monica Studio confirmed they were correct by answering: “Ding Ding ding!”

Tyr was one of the few new faces featured this week Ragnarok Gameplay trailer alongside Thor, Angrboda and Durlin. In 2018 God of War, Tyr was considered an important character – but never experienced any kind of screen time beyond just saying his name. Based on the trailer, Tyr appears to have a central role in the film Ragnarok Narrative as the trailer ends with the clip shown in the Santa Monica Studio tweet regarding its size.

It is unfortunate that the intergenerational PlayStation title does not have an official release date. Cory Barlog, the director of the 2018 God of War, said that before Ragnarok would release “when it is finished.” While the answers around its arrival are similarly vague as of now, delays and advancements are sometimes the necessary evil to ensure the release of a solidly developed game.

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God of war Ragnarok will be available for PS4 and PS5 in 2022.

Source: Santa Monica Studio / Twitter

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