October 27, 2021

Many student and independent film projects are now using crowdfunding to raise the funds required to start production. The advantages of crowdfunding are obvious:

Applications for hard-to-get scholarships and grants from the Cultural Council are often time-consuming and are only answered slowly. Crowdfunding, where online backers can make large or small pledges for a project, can be a boon to filmmakers on a tight deadline.

But crowdfunding is more than just the money. Every film needs an audience, and crowdfunding instantly connects filmmakers with their audience, and does it at a very early stage. In this way, supporters can be invested in the history of a film production; Supporters follow production updates on social media and check for festival debut or cinema screenings announcements.

What they say about the benefits of crowdfunding

“The benefits go way beyond the money,” said Peter J. Storey, Film Executive and CEO of Greenlit. You’re not waiting for someone else’s permission to create! ‘

Launched by Storey in 2017, Greenlit is a crowdfunding site specially designed for filmmakers. In the past few years alone, over £ 500,000 has been raised from over 9,000 donors for films including shorts, fiction and documentaries. In contrast to industry competitors Greenlit advises each project individually and helps you to achieve your financial and creative goals.

They actually care about your project and want to make it a success, ”says filmmaker Mark Brennan, who recently funded two projects on the site. “Greenlit should be the crowdfunding platform for every filmmaker.”

For friends of Raindance, Greenlit offers free individual consultations to discuss possible film projects and the crowdfunding process. To register for an online consultation, visit grn.lt/fundit. To learn more about Greenlit’s film funding, go to greenlit.com/create-film.

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