October 27, 2021

HIT & RUN: Episode 1.1: Hit and Run – Movie Guide

HIT & RUN: Episode 1.1: Hit and Run - Movie Guide

HIT & RUN is an attempt to reinterpret a mystery suspense series. Produced in Israel and streamed on Netflix, the first episode follows Segev, a tour guide in Tel Aviv whose happy life is turned upside down with the sudden death of his American wife, Danielle. The episode begins with Segev being stabbed to death in prison. Cut to three weeks ago when Danielle was killed by a driver hit and run. Some worrying and mysterious things come to light, including an adulterous affair and the possibility of a conspiracy.

The first episode of HIT & RUN is not worth watching. The series concept may be fascinating, but the quality isn’t. The lighting is poor in many scenes. In some places the sound is either too loud or too out of sync with what is going on in the story. Besides the quality, the content is questionable at best. There is an adulterous bedroom scene, some explicit sexual nudity, intense bloody violence, and high levels of heavy language abuse. With this in mind, there isn’t much in HIT AND RUN to draw in media-related viewers.


Dominant worldview and other worldview contents / elements:

Strong romantic worldview where characters often do what they feel like but the husband tries to find the people who murdered his wife by making it look like a hit and run accident

Swear words:

19 profanity (including 13 “f” words), two OMG profanity, and a reference to a female body part


Heavy violence with some blood includes a prison fight in which someone is stabbed, a car accident results in a bleeding head, and a man is attacked in his home and ends up killing the attacker by breaking his neck


Depicted adulterous sex in a scene


Upper female nudity in a sex scene and upper male nudity when the man goes back to bed with his wife

Alcohol consumption:

No alcohol consumption

Smoking and / or drug use and abuse:

Two cases of smoking but no drugs; and,

Various immorality:

The main character is divorced and remarried, and there’s a moment when the man’s daughter sings along to a raunchy song.

A touch of mystery, deceit and scandal that all starts with a simple misdemeanor and a crime of a HIT & RUN. In downtown Tel Aviv, Israel, a local guide Segev is in chaos when his American wife is suddenly hit by a car on the way to the airport for a dance prelude in New York. However, by the end of the TV show, Segev is sitting in jail and being arrested and the purpose of the show is to show how he got there.

The first episode, which has the same title as the series, begins with Segev in jail when he is brought to the courtyard at the time they are together. He goes out only to be beaten by a couple of inmates.

Cut to three weeks earlier. Segev and his daughter Ella stand in a crowd and watch Segev’s wife Danielle perform her dance. He seems like the luckiest man in the world. However, it turns out that Danielle is about to audition in New York. Segev doesn’t like the idea, but like a good modern husband, he supports Danielle’s career. n On the way to the airport, however, Danielle is hit by a car and killed.

Segev sadly asks a family member who works for the police to track down his wife’s killer. At the end of the episode, Segev is attacked in the middle of the night. Segev kills the attacker in self-defense. However, when he comes back with the police, the body has disappeared.

From a production point of view, the quality of this episode is rather lackluster. It often happens that not only is the sound out of sync with the images, but the camera angles are sometimes awkward and shaky. In addition, in many scenes the lighting is adequate at best, but mostly poor. A little color grading would go a long way too.

Thematically, the worldview of HIT & RUN is very original and romantic, as the characters generally allow themselves to be impressed by their emotions and allow their emotions as the primary motivation for their decisions as well as for deciding what is right and wrong. There are three cases of violent acts that usually result in a very bloody mess. The swear words on the show are vulgar, blasphemous and profane. There are also two instances of nudity in the episode. There is a case of upper male nudity of Segev as he goes to bed with his wife. The second instance is the upper female nudity when Segev’s wife Danielle has a sexual act with her male lover. With this in mind, MOVIEGUIDE® doesn’t believe that media-conscious viewers want to see the rest of this series.

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