How God provided for Granger and Amber Smith in the midst of suffering and loss

How God provided for Granger and Amber Smith in the midst of suffering and loss

Published: September 8, 2021

Photo from Amber Smith’s Instagram

How God provided for Granger and Amber Smith in the midst of suffering and loss

By John Tuttle, contributing author

Husband-wife duo Granger and Amber Smith recently got together to record a short film about dealing with a very human experience: suffering.

The short film, which was released on the I Am Second YouTube channel, features raw and personal interviews with Granger and Amber who discuss the traumatic but touching story of losing one child and being open to another.

In 2019, the Christian couple lost their son River. While playing with water pistols with his siblings, River managed to get through the Smiths’ locked pool gate. Somehow River drowned while filling his water pistol.

Granger discovered what had happened and immediately began resuscitation to revive his son. Amber came out, amazed at the sight of her motionless child.

In a false hope, the Smiths saw their son resuscitated by medical professionals, only to die a few days later as a result of prolonged periods without oxygen.

Granger and Amber were crushed.

“Most of us will lose our parents,” admits Granger. “Most of us will go through this. But not all people will lose their child, not all will bury their son. “

Her story is unique indeed, but Granger, a popular country singer by profession, has come to understand that she is shedding light on a human trait we all share: the loss of those we love.

Since then, the couple have tried numerous methods to cope with the resulting storm of emotions, both together and individually. Granger turned to devotions, small quotes, and prayers that were meant to be inspiration and positivity.

“And they’re amazing,” Granger said, “but they’re like the salad of the meal. They are like the hors d’oeuvres. You can’t hold out enough for this deep pain. “

After the couple went through therapy, retreat, and stress management tutorial, Granger still felt there had to be more. He thirsted for something deeper. This longing drew his attention to the Scriptures.

“One day,” said Granger, “I realized that maybe the Bible itself would be something that would satisfy that hunger.”

His goal was to alleviate all the suffering he was feeling. As he turned to the written word of God, Granger said that he was beginning to hear the voice of God.

After the accident, Granger asked his wife Amber if they wanted another baby. At first, Amber felt uncomfortable trying to father another child after the tragic loss of her last boy. She said it was almost some kind of betrayal of her love for River. After River was born, the couple thought their family was complete.

“I didn’t even know if I could have another baby,” admitted Amber. “Because I tied my tubes to River.”

After the couple thought about it and gave the idea some insight, the couple decided to try in vitro fertilization, which came with its own risks. (There are also a variety of inherent and problematic ethical implications of the IVF process. And some Christian groups are against IVF For different reasons.)

As a result of the procedure, Amber became pregnant in July 2020.

“At the very beginning of this pregnancy,” said Amber, “they couldn’t find the heartbeat. Then the next week we came back and they found it. And then the following week they couldn’t find it. “

The whole ordeal was a storm of emotion for the couple, especially Amber. Amber’s faith, like the person growing in her lap, was tender and insecure. When that pregnancy didn’t come to fruition, Amber said she didn’t know what to do or what to think.

Yet another tragedy fell victim to the Smiths. August brought about a miscarriage. But at that point they were determined to do their best and put their trust in God.

“Since River,” Amber explained, “I’ve just said that I would surrender to his will, even if I didn’t understand it, no matter how much it hurts.”

Amber went back to the doctors in December and got pregnant again successfully. Besides, the baby was a little boy.

In Amber’s words, “It’s one of the greatest definitions of sadness and joy that exist together.”

This August did the Smiths welcomed a beautiful new child into the world – Maverick Beckham.

Going to the Bible for comfort and advice in life, Granger said he had discovered a rhythm to the divine voice he heard there.

“That voice … says it all All is under his control and under his plan, ”he recalled. “We all have suffering. We will all suffer; it is promised. But the power of God carries us through suffering instead of eliminating it. “

Granger and Amber Smith said they were touched by the testimonies of others who have suffered losses.

“If you ask whether something good has come of this tragedy,” said Amber, “if other people want to know who Christ is, or if other people want to seek God, that’s good.”

In fact, it is precisely this explanation that Jesus gives when he meets the man who was born blind. The man’s mistake was not a sign that he was being punished for sin, but an opportunity for Jesus to turn evil on its head and turn it into good. This is how God was glorified:

Jesus replied, “Not that this man or his parents sinned, but that the works of God are made manifest in him” (John 9: 3).

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