Hunter’s character is actually made up of two jawas in one suit

Hunter's character is actually made up of two jawas in one suit

A cinematic trailer for Star Wars: Hunters reveals a unique but recognizable roster of characters, including a Mandalorian, a Sith, and some Jawas.

A new cinematic trailer for Star Wars: Hunter reveals several members of the game’s diverse playable roster, including a Mandalorian, a Sith, and two stacked Jawas. The mysterious mobile team-based action game was announced in February 2021, but little new information has been released since then. Star Wars: Hunter should let players compete against each other in competitive multiplayer with the original war of stars Characters created for the game.

Although it was announced in early 2021, Star Wars: Hunter remains largely a mystery. The little official information that has been released about the game indicates that it will feature completely original characters and unfamiliar characters from the franchise. However, many of these characters seem to be reminiscent of loved ones war of stars Figures including a Wookie warrior similar to Chewbacca and a Mandalorian bounty hunter similar to Boba Fest. The title will also feature several different factions from across the intergalactic franchise, including the Jedi, Sith, the Empire, and the Rebellion. The gameplay is also said to focus on the arena battle, although no actual gameplay has yet been revealed.

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A new cinematic trailer for Star Wars: Hunter, which was published on the YouTube channel of the developer Zynga, gives a closer look at the settings and characters of the multiplayer title. The action takes place in The Arena, a place of competitive fighting, on the desert planet Vespaara. The focus of the trailer is Rieve, a clever warrior of the dark side who wields a red lightsaber. Aran Tal, meanwhile, is a deadly Mandalorian bounty hunter not dissimilar to popular characters like Boba Fett and Din Djarin. Wookie warrior Grozz, rebel veteran Zaina and Imperial loyalist Sentinel also add to the exciting roster of original characters. Star Wars: Hunter“The most formidable fighters, however, are two Jawas in a trench coat who look like kids trying to get into an R-rated movie. the Star Wars: Hunter The website has been updated with information on all of these unique fighters.

Given the large number of different characters and factions within the ever-growing war of stars Universe have started a lot of fans theorizing what characters could appear in Star Wars: Hunter. While the team-based action game seems to focus solely on original characters, different planets and factions could be represented in different ways. The character Slingshot appears to be using an iconic Droideka as a vehicle, so it’s possible other battle droids from the Clone Wars will appear. Jedi and Sith are never far from the action in war of stars, so it is likely that more representatives from these factions will also appear.

While no gameplay from Star Wars: Hunter has already been shown, the multiplayer action game features a very diverse cast of warriors. These characters are all original creations, but many of them represent archetypes that are often found within the franchise. From Mandalorian bounty hunters to Imperial stormtroopers, players will find many familiar faces in the Star Wars: Hunter Roster.

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Star Wars: Hunter will be released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Source: Zynga / YouTube, Star Wars: Hunters

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