October 27, 2021

Kevin Hart shares how his car accident completely changed his life

Kevin Hart shares how his car accident completely changed his life

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart reveals how his life-threatening car accident changed his view of life and his view of the future.

American actor and comedian Kevin Hart showed how a car accident completely changed his attitude towards life and his career. Hart first became known when he got a recurring role on the short-lived Judd Apatow cult comedy sitcom Undeclared. The show only ran for one season but was critically acclaimed and dubbed a cult classic in the years that followed. After his role in the sitcom, Hart moved into the film industry in 2002 and has taken on roles in films such as Horror movie 3, Soul plane, and Little Focker. The Philadelphia native also continued his comedy and became a household name on the stand-up scene, and his fame only grew after the release of his first stand-up album I am a grown up little man in 2008.

Over the past few years, the 42-year-old has opted for projects that are a little more varied than the standard comedy cuisine for which he has become so famous, and this has allowed him to go other creative ways. With his star on the rise, Hart has enjoyed great success in recent years, even after he refused to go into space. In 2017 alone, the actor and comedian is said to have earned more than $ 32 million. With three films in post-production and numerous projects in his role as producer, it’s been a busy time for Kevin Hart, but the actor has recently changed his approach to life and work.

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Sit down for an interview in a sequence of All the smoke (above Cinema mix), the Ride along star described how a car accident he had just before the lockdown changed his life. The actor said he “almost died,” and the moment ultimately changed his priorities, causing him to reevaluate and revalue “Lover” and “Family.” Hart explained that the accident, coupled with the COVID-related lockdown, “The longest thing I’ve ever sat in my life” but was ultimately “The best time” he had before. Read some of the actor’s quotes below:

“I mean, it’s the day I almost died, but the day I woke up. That’s when priorities changed, life was different.” Are you evaluating the right things? Are you really appreciating the right things Things?’ And the right things are of course your loved ones, your family. And there are moments when you overlook that because you are so busy with the job, the money, the successes that you have to do here. The accident / the Pandemic is the longest time I’ve ever had in my life, but it’s the best time I’ve ever had because I had to see what matters most came from having her and her needs prioritized in a way that I never had. “

Fatherhood Netflix cast and character leader Kevin Hart

the Jumanji The actor has four children and the event clearly shook Hart, leading him to prioritize his wife and children. It also seems that the Hollywood star has revived and found new life after his crash. Just five months after his accident, Hart, a notoriously busy man, was making his new film again. However, it seems that the actor is now choosing projects more carefully and increasing his performance, possibly with the aim of spending more time with his family in the future.

Obviously, this event had a major impact on Hart and his outlook on life. With a troubled childhood and a private life tied to struggling, Hart seems to see this as his wake-up call and catalyst to help him grow up and take more constructive steps toward being a father and role model. What the next few years will bring Kevin Hart remains to be seen, but it seems that his family will now play a prominent role in any decisions he makes.

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