October 27, 2021

Locke & Key Season 2 clip contains fake trailer for The Splattering

Locke & Key Season 2 clip contains fake trailer for The Splattering

Netflix is ​​releasing a new clip for the second season of Locke & Key with a trailer for The Splattering, the film made by a group of teenagers on the series.

Netflix releases a new one Lock & key Season 2 clip with a trailer for The splash, the film made by a group of teenagers on the series. The fantasy horror drama revolves around the Locke family who move into Keyhouse, the childhood home of their murdered patriarch, and discover a collection of keys that confer mystical abilities sought by a demonic entity named Dodge. Lock & key spent years launching at a number of broadcasters and film studios before Netflix acquired the rights to the graphic novel series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.

Lock & key Season 2 begins sometime after the first season’s cliffhanger finale, which revealed that Griffin Gluck’s gift, friend of Locke’s daughter Kinsey and apparent ally of the group, is actually Dodge in disguise and Hallea Jones’ Eden is now possessed by another demon is a being from the realm behind the Omega door. The Locke children must rely on their friends and a set of newly discovered keys to stop Dodge’s destructive schemes before it’s too late. Netflix renews Lock & key for season 2 a month after the show premiered and has already picked up the series for season 3, which production completed last month.

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Just a week to go back to the show Netflix has revealed a new one Lock & key Season 2 clip. The video begins with a fake trailer for the horror film in the series The splash made by Kinsey Locke and her friends as well as a look at Eden’s demonic antics. Check out the following clip:

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The ones who watched Lock & key Season 1 will be remembered The splash as a low budget horror film that would not only help Kinsey break out of its shell, but introduce it to its new friends, the Savini team, lovingly named after legendary visual effects artist / actor / director Tom Savini , who made a cameo for Season 1. The fake trailer is certainly an exciting nod to the B-movie horror genre that the film seeks to pay homage to, although more interesting is the footage that follows the fake trailer. While a simple trick of the editing could have the film or its trailer appear in a cinema where everyone is watching, it would be adorable if the Savini troupe showed the film in a theater in the small town.

The new clip for Lock & key Season 2 also gives a glimpse of the interesting new dynamic between Gabe and Eden following his demonic possession in the season one finale. While the ending apparently established Gabe as the boss of the newly arrived demon, the video apparently hints at a more rebellious ghost in Eden, likely causing trouble for the still-disguised Dodge plans to stay close to Kinsey and the Lockes. Only time will tell when Lock & key Season premieres on Netflix on October 22nd.

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