October 27, 2021

Marvel’s Ghost Rider / Sorcerer Supreme rides again in the new comic

Marvel's Ghost Rider / Sorcerer Supreme rides again in the new comic

In a new Marvel Infinity comic, Kushala – a Ghost Rider and Sorcerer Supreme – returns. When she combines both skills, she becomes a Spirit Rider.

Warning: contains a preview for Ghost Rider: Kushala # 1!

Kushala, one of Marvels Wrong-way driver and a Supreme magician, will be the focus of a new Infinity comic. Unlike her last appearance in the comics, this time she becomes a target instead of chasing after a spirit of revenge.

Previously in the Spirits of Vengeance: Ghost Rider # 1 One-Shot, Kushala – the 19th century Sorcerer Supreme – was recruited by Doctor Strange to help Johnny Blaze defeat his demons. It entered his mind – an ability stronger than Doctor Strange’s astral projection – and helped him face the evils his soul had to contend with. Now she is back for a new adventure.

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Marvel has announced Ghost Rider: Kushala as the latest entry in its series of Infinity Comics. This new comic has the creative team at Taboo (from the Black Eyed Peas), B. Earl, Guillermo Sanna, Vanesa del Rey and Jordie Bellaire. The comic – which publishes a new part every Thursday – deals with the past, present and future with Marvel’s Apache Sorcerer Supreme Spirit Rider at the helm. Fans who haven’t read the one-shot for this series have the chance, because Spirits of Vengeance: Ghost Rider # 1 has also just been added to the Marvel Unlimited library. Check out the preview for Kushala’s new 8-part series Here:

Marvel’s new Infinity Comic Series – available on the Marvel Unlimited App – is a series of comics told in a linear scrolling format. Instead of turning the pages, readers simply scroll to the end of each chapter. As part of this initiative, Marvel has released several new comics, including character primers, a new Captain America series, a comic with a focus on Jeff the Landshark, a new Shang Chi comic, and more. Kushala’s story is the latest Marvel Infinity comic, and it promises to have some big ramifications for Earth. The preview reveals that Kushala’s grandmother may have a role in “destroying the planet”. Given Kushala’s story as part of a slaughtered Apache tribe, this new comic is likely to examine the Spirit Rider’s desire for revenge.

Kushala is having a ghost rider Wizard supremeLevel magical skills. This makes her a very powerful heroine with a wide story potential. They expand their skills beyond a Ghost Rider like Johnny Blaze or Robbie Reyes to a Spirit Rider – who is capable of incredible magic and various forms of projection. Fans can see what new adventures await and when Ghost Rider: Kushala # 1 starts publishing on October 7th.

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