Metroid Dread sees aggressive marketing campaign in Japan

Metroid Dread sees aggressive marketing campaign in Japan

In the weeks leading up to the Metroid Dread release, the Switch title experienced an aggressive marketing campaign at Tokyo train station.

Less than a month before Metroid dreads Release date, Nintendo is promoting the game by placing advertisements in Tokyo train stations. Nintendo is notoriously secretive when it comes to revealing details before a title is released, but it’s only recently Metroid horror Teasers have provided a lot of information about the next part of the long-term series.

the Metroid Series has never been as marketed as any other first-party Nintendo series Metroid horror. Although it is one of Nintendo’s flagship series, Metroid is not such a system seller compared to others Super Mario and Pok√©mon. Even if Samus can’t keep up with the plumber, Nintendo has pushed Metroid horror more than anyone else Metroid Game so far with the number of Metroid horror Trailers that will be released before launch.

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This marketing is being promoted even further in the form of advertisements at Tokyo train stations. user Fork ball (above Nintendo life) tweeted a picture of a Nintendo Switch ad on the Yamanote franchise. The graphic shows a shot of the game’s cover, as well as the release date below. It’s a simple advertisement, but that Metroid Series has not been used as an advertising medium in the past; rather, Super Mario is a comparatively more common choice when marketing a Nintendo console.

In contrast, while Metroid horror a decent amount is marketed, Metroid Prime 4 has yet to be fully revealed Metroid Prime 4 Teaser trailer for E3 2017. The development reset of Metroid Prime 4 has thrown it back significantly, and its exact status is still unknown. Most of the information that has come to light about the game so far is the number of employees hired for its development at Retro Studios, which can possibly be seen as a sign that Metroid Prime 4 goes slowly.

In the meantime, Metroid horror becomes Nintendo’s most successful Metroid Game in the series. After the initial announcement by Metroid horror, the game topped Amazon’s pre-order charts in several countries and moved into others Metroid Titles on Wii U and 3DS hit the sales charts. Although it is possible Metroid Prime 4 could be even greater if fully revealed, the success of Metroid horror could help ensure that the influential series is revived in time for Metroid Prime 4.

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Metroid horror will be released on October 8, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gabelball / Twitter, Nintendo life

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