October 27, 2021

Morgan Freeman objects to efforts to defend the police

Morgan Freeman objects to efforts to defend the police

Published: October 12, 2021

Morgan Freeman objects to efforts to defend the police

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Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman recently voiced his opposition to recent police disempowerment efforts.

The SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION actor said in an interview with Black Enterprise’s Selena Hill that he is “not in the least bit for disappointing the police.”

“Policing, aside from all the negativity around them, is very important for us to have,” Freeman said. “And most of them are people who do their jobs, they go about their daily work. I know some cops who would never draw their guns out of range, something like that. “

Hill asked Freeman what his view of the police about his upcoming film THE KILLING OF KENNETH CHAMERBLAIN, which tells the story of a Marine Corps veteran who was killed by police in 2011.

Frankie Faison, who appears as Chamberlain in Freeman’s film, agreed with the 84-year-old actor and director.

“Well, I agree with Morgan,” Faison said. “I’m certainly not in favor of exposing the police officers.”

Hill posted clips from the interview on her Instagram. She reflected on the conversation with the two actors with whom she disagrees.

“To be clear, I am an avid supporter of the defunding of the police and the ideas behind them [Abolish the Police] Movement, ”she wrote. “However, this interview further confirms that the terminology we use to describe the redistribution of police resources to other community-based services is polarizing and prohibits the movement from gaining more support.”

Freeman is vocal about his thoughts on race and politics in the United States. Leo Terrell, a civil rights attorney, said Freeman will inevitably come under fire for his views.

“Morgan Freeman is one of that Hollywood elite, so he’s going to have a setback,” Terrell told Fox News. “I applaud him for speaking out because it destroys this ridiculous concept we’re about to think; we all hate the police. We don’t hate the police. We love the police because 98% of them – maybe 99% – protect us. Twenty-seven, when we sleep at night, they are out there protecting us. “

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