Several Mortal Kombat films reportedly in development

Several Mortal Kombat films reportedly in development

A new report brings the news that Warner Bros. is developing several parts of its Mortal Kombat film franchise after the successful restart.

A new report brings the news that Warner Bros. has several installments in its Mortal Kombat Film franchise after the successful restart. Based on the fighting video game franchise of the same name by Ed Boon and John Tobias, the story revolves around the scrapped mixed martial arts fighter Cole Young, who is chased by the super-powerful assassin Sub-Zero. When he meets Special Forces soldiers Sonya Blade and Jackson “Jax” Briggs, he learns that he has been chosen to defend Earthrealm against the soul-eating wizard Shang Tsung and his evil army of Outworld in the latest Mortal Kombat tournament.

Mortal Kombat hit theaters internationally on April 8th and simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max on April 23rd in the US and was a huge hit for WB. Although it received mixed reviews from critics in general, the film was best rated by a Mortal Kombat Adapted to date by critics and audiences alike, it has been a financial success grossing over $ 83.6 million worldwide versus its $ 55 million budget and becoming the most successful film launch for the streaming platform. With this success, the filmmakers and stars have teased the potential for future episodes of the franchise and it seems the studio is considering that too.

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diversity shared a new report that collapses dune‘s upcoming release and the need to make both the box office and HBO Max debuts successful for a sequel to get the green light. The report also examines other HBO Max day-and-date versions with potential for future installments, viz Mortal Kombat. Insiders report that the video game adaptation is one of the titles in question, that the studio is still in talks with its filmmakers to produce a sequel, with WB paying special attention to that.other rates” by doing Mortal Kombat Universe.

Scorpio in Mortal Kombat

While the film didn’t dominate the box office in the same way Godzilla vs. Kong got the month before Mortal Kombat was certainly considered a great success for the studio by everyone. With its production budget at the box office alone, the film is also still the most streamed title launched on the platform, and is ahead of similarly anticipated projects The suicide squad, Godzilla vs. Kong and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Given that the filmmakers have frequently discussed their plans for the future, including co-writer Greg Russo, who revealed he envisioned the reboot as a trilogy, and sub-zero star Joe Taslim, his contract is for four sequels if the film should be successful.

While the report appears to confirm that the sequels are in the works, it should be noted that WB is reportedly after “other rates” in his Mortal Kombat Universe. Since the report is focused on the HBO Max releases, it is safe to say that the studio has its eye on subsequent films of the live action film, although they also refer to these as they are also an animated film series based on the video games produce about another big budget adjustment. While fans wait for news of whether a sequel is in the making, the latest is on Mortal Kombat is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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