Star Fox Zero developer wants to port the game to Switch

Star Fox Zero developer wants to port the game to Switch

Star Fox Zero developer PlatinumGames would like the Wii U game to be ported to the Switch, though the decision would be left to Nintendo.

Star fox zero Developer PlatinumGames has expressed interest in porting the Wii U exclusively to the Switch when the opportunity arises. Star fox zero is one of the few remaining first-party games that still hang on the older console, along with others like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Yoshi’s woolly world.

As a revival of a dormant franchise, Star fox zero was criticized for its controls, which were split between the Wii U gamepad and the television. The gamepad display is in the first person perspective and allows for more precise shooting but a closer view of the surroundings. The view of the television is in the third person perspective and allows players to see the expanse of their surroundings, but with comparatively less accurate footage. Some claimed that this setup was awkward and cumbersome, with having to constantly switch between two screens.

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Regardless of whether Star Fox Zeros Atsushi Inaba, head of PlatinumGames, recently stated that he was interested in porting the game to the Switch. Inaba spoke to Video Games Chronicle about the possibility of porting Star fox zero, and stated that he would like to port it because it discourages current generation console gamers from playing games on older platforms. He explained, “It depends a bit on what’s within the realm of what is actually possible, but yeah, if the chance arises, it’s definitely something we’d like to think about.“He then went on to have certain elements of potential Star fox zero Switch port – like controlling the game – would be in Nintendo’s hands.

There wasn’t much news from anyone else Star fox Game after the release of Star fox zero. However, former Star fox Developer Giles Goddard has expressed interest in a completely new series part. He stated that ideally he would have one Star fox Game without “Gimmicks“like the one in Star fox zero, and showed a desire to remove certain items from older Star fox Games.

It is likely that a port of Star fox zero would include improved controls, if at all due to the lack of the Wii U’s signature gamepad. If so, a switch port alone for that difference could bring better reception to the game. If successful, maybe a new one Star fox zero could motivate Nintendo to revive the series and invest in future episodes. It seems that half of the development effort is on board, so fans will have to wait and see if the other follows suit.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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