October 27, 2021

Survival Game Fractured Veil enables 500 players in the future Hawaii

Survival Game Fractured Veil enables 500 players in the future Hawaii

After reaching the Kickstarter goal, the survival title Fractured Veil will be released in 2022 and allow up to 500 players to be in the game at the same time.

Broken veil, a multiplayer survival game from original developer Paddle Creek Games, has met its original Kickstarter funding target and is slated to be released on Steam Early Access in 2022, with goals coming soon. 100 years in the future on the island of Maui, Broken veil have up to 500 players on a single map.

The unique setting helps the game to assert itself among its competitors. The “veil” mentioned in the title refers to a teleportation system that failed catastrophically 50 years ago and opened portals to other dimensions. Many of the enemies in the game will be humans and animals from these alternate worlds, along with cannibalistic mutants that appeared in Hawaii in the years after the break, as the disaster is known in the game world. Crafting, base building, and both PvP and PvE combat will be present in the game, and as with other current survival titles, players will be able to team up with other survivors at any time.

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Corresponding Game press, Paddle Creek Games has already met its original goal of $ 100,000 and will be adding more stretch goals to its campaign soon. Currently, after the game’s initial funding, the only targets are furniture and decorations for $ 110,000 and a totem speargun weapon for $ 120,000. Backers who have already donated to the project have secured rewards such as exclusive skins, wallpapers and Steam Keys that will be used for the game when it is released in Early Access.

Broken Veil 2

Although the developer calls the game an MMO, it states that PvP will not be a requirement in the game and there will be zones where players cannot fight against each other. Broken veil will also include cross-server travel, which is explained in-game as transportation between multiverses, allowing players to find new items and experience unique biomes and weather patterns. The final release will include an AI drone that will stream the game live 24 hours a day on Twitch and Youtube, so fans can always see what’s happening on the island.

Survival games have proven popular, so older games like Skyrim were modified into the genre. Broken veil won’t be the first game of its kind, but it does seem to refine many of the mechanics that made its predecessors so successful. If it can resolve common ailments of the genre like unhealthy player interactions and non-intuitive, frustrating fights, Broken veil has great potential to attract a wide range of players. The inclusion of its fascinating lore and deep world structure makes it easy to see why it has already reached its original funding goal and suggests that the title has a bright future ahead of it.

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Broken veil will be released for PC in 2022

Source: Gamespress

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