October 27, 2021

The 10 best movies like Don’t Breathe

The 10 best movies like Don't Breathe

In 2016, Fede Álvarez released the sequel to his feature film debut evil Dead. This time around, however, the story was original and the film was in no way a remake. Don’t breathe premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival in 2016 before it hit theaters the following August, and a sequel was released just under five years later.

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Don’t breathe follows three petty criminals who live from break-ins despite a gloomy view of the economic landscape in Detroit. They break into a house they suspect may contain a small fortune. But unfortunately for the thieves, the blind homeowner is ready to protect his home – and a dark personal secret ⁠ – at all costs. For those of you who loved this sinister subversion of the Home Invasion story, there are plenty of great movies out there like Don’t breathe can be found via various streaming services.

Updated October 13, 2021 by Mark Birrell: The best films like Don’t Breathe encompass various horror subgenres, as it is not just Home Invasion films that will interest fans of the horror thriller. Science fiction movies, monster movies, creature features, and even dark comedies are highly recommended to Don’t Breathe fans as they share many of their most engaging and entertaining qualities. They’re also available on a wide variety of streaming services, so now is the best time to try them out.

A Quiet Place (2018)

● Available on Paramount +

John Krasinski made a blockbuster debut as a horror director with this science fiction story set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by armored alien monsters hunting for sounds.

Every fan of the moments of silence, pin-drop, excitement in Don’t breathe will surely have a lot of fun with it A quiet place and its whole little world built to avoid discovery. The story isn’t lazy either, offers the talented cast plenty of drama to work with, and makes it clear that no one is safe from sudden and violent death.

You (2006)

● Available on Vudu and Prime Video

Fans of the simplicity of the place and the quick effectiveness of the plot will definitely want to see this almost ascetic horror film about a home invasion about a couple being terrorized by a group of informal intruders in their remote country house.

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she is jam-packed with long stretches of tense evasive maneuvers, but never feels cheap to execute the horrors, with the most terrifying aspects of the story making a strong impression. It’s a must for fans of Don’t breathe.

Green Room (2015)

● Available at Showtime

The feeling of fear in Don’t breathe works so well, not only because of the unforgiving graphical consequences for mistakes, but also because the audience can feel empathic for some of the characters going through the ordeal. These are both attributes that Jeremy Saulnier’s viciously tense horror thriller shares. Green space.

The story follows a punk band that is cornered in the green space of a shady and secluded place that unfortunately acts for them as the front for a white racist gang. It’s a terrible situation, but the band is a great group to get through even if they meet undeserved fortunes, with Anton Yelchin shining in one of his last film appearances.

Creep (2019)

Kaya Scodelario in Flooded Kitchen in Crawl

● Available on Hulu

Horror meets home invasion meets monster film in this story of a father and daughter trapped in their old family home by a hurricane and pursued at every turn by voracious alligators that have invaded the flooded area.

The bloodthirsty reputation that New French Extremity director Alexandre Aja has built and the dramatic potential of the strong main talents Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper do justice to the fans of Don’t breathe will enjoy the stakes of the story as much as the shock of the kills.

The Descent (2005)

Sarah the descent

● Available on Tubi, Pluto TV, Vudu and Prime Video

All fans of the sheer brutality of the action and horror in Don’t breathe will appreciate the intensity of Neil Marshall The descent, a monster film in which a group of adventurous speleologists are trapped with a group of mandating monsters who evolved to live in the dark.

There’s a lot of focus on the psychology of the characters in The descent, with reality being questioned almost all the time, but the horror is always heartbreaking up close.

Deadly Games (1989)

● Available for Shudder and AMC +

In the French action horror film Deadly Games, a young boy defends his house from a deranged man dressed as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. The film involves the child setting self-made booby traps to trap his enemy in one of his many similarities Home alone.

Deadly Games however, is much more violent than the ever-popular MacCauley Culkin film and should be of great interest Don’t breathe Fans as a result.

Still (2016)

● Available on Netflix

At the age of thirteen, Maddie lost her hearing and the ability to speak. Now as an adult, she lives as a writer in a remote house in the woods. One night a masked drifter appears in the house. Realizing that his potential victim can neither hear nor speak, this murderous intruder takes off his mask and adapts his plan.

silence has a number of similarities with Don’t breathe not only in the cat-and-mouse dynamic between the main characters, but also in its self-contained environment that gets the maximum effect out of a relatively simple place.

The Collector (2009)

● Available on Tubi, Pluto TV, Vudu and Prime Video

A handyman named Arkin is deeply in debt and oversees the home of a wealthy family where he works. However, when he breaks in at night, he finds the homeowners trapped in elaborate and deadly traps set by someone wearing a mask. The tables are now turned and Arkin is encouraged to save his former employers.

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The collector is as unusual as that Saw-as Traps seen in the movie. To like Don’t breathe, it’s a vicious and original version of the Home Invasion movie, in which an antihero is given the ultimate chance of salvation. A sequel called The collection was published in 2012 and another entry titled The coll3cted is currently in progress.

Panic room (2002)

Panic Room - Jodie Foster

● Available on Pluto TV, Prime Viedo and Showtime

A single mom and daughter are moving into a beautiful Manhattan brownstone with a built-in panic room, and this amenity is definitely handy when criminals break into the panic room shortly after they move in.

Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart battle Jared Leto and Forest Whitaker in this highly entertaining suspense thriller that never wears off. This scary movie is full of back and forth drama and action. In addition to playing her role as a protective mother, Leto delivers an unforgettable performance as a clumsy villain who shares a number of similarities with the overhead Money. Has Don’t breathe.

You’re Next (2011)

● Available on Hulu

During an embarrassing family dinner in a remote mansion, guests are attacked by armed men hiding behind animal masks. Similar to the thieves in Don’t breatheHowever, these savage intruders did not realize that one of the dinner guests was a highly skilled survivor. Now with her skill and a variety of weapons at her disposal, the lonely woman systematically snaps off the murderers.

Adam Wingards You are the next one nails the fine line between horror and comedy. In doing so, this slasher adds like a steady sense of gallows humor to the pristine chaos and bloodshed of a thriller film Don’t breathe.

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