October 27, 2021

The Matrix 4: Jonathan Groff is the new Agent Smith

The Matrix 4: Jonathan Groff is the new Agent Smith

Hugo Weaving doesn’t return for Matrix 4, but could Hamilton villain Jonathan Groff take on the iconic role of villainous agent Smith?

Unfortunately, Hugo Weaving is not returning for The Matrix Resurrectionsbut could Hamilton Will villain Jonathan Groff take on the iconic role of villainous Agent Smith? The first trailer for the long-awaited sequel confirms the return of Morpheus, despite the fact that Laurence Fishburne put it on hold, so it could very well be that Groff took over the reins of Weaving in the same way. Either way, the idea of ​​a Matrix movie feels wrong without its most iconic villain.

Starting with the release of The matrix as early as 1999, the matrix Series is one of the most popular science fiction cinema franchises. Combining bleeding martial arts action with a slick cyberpunk aesthetic, the Wachowski sisters’ mind-and-bullet-warping trilogy features jaw-dropping car chases and shootouts, as well as surprisingly cerebral stories. The fourth film – with the title Resurrections relatively late in its marketing phase – will try to regain that zeitgeist that defines the spirit while offering an allegedly extremely new take on history.

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Somehow sadistic and callous at the same time, Agent Smith gave this tangled, complex franchise a memorable enemy to substantiate its more philosophical tangents. Fans already know that Weaving won’t be returning to the role in the upcoming fourth film matrix Franchise, as the actor tried to resolve scheduling conflicts with the directors, but their efforts proved fruitless. But director Lana Wachowski has stated that she wanted a role for Agent Smith in the fourth film, which has led fans to speculate on whether the role would be re-cast. Now that the trailer has revealed the first footage, it seems even more speculation that Groff is playing a new version of Smith.

Hugo Weaving does not return as Agent Smith The matrix 4

Many fans are simply excited about the franchise’s revival as many of them wonder if the series would ever return due to the long wait between films. The return of the Wachowski sisters as directors and the presence of Keanu Reeves are two reasons for this The matrix 4 is so exciting (despite the bad sequels). The lack of Weaving was a disappointment for many franchise fans, however, along with news that the makers have decided to leave the actor instead of continuing to negotiate their conflicting schedules. Weaving’s portrayal of Agent Smith is an iconic element of the series. His version of the villain was a memorable addition to the villain’s sci-fi villain gallery and has proved influential over the years since the series ended.

How Agent Smith can return The matrix 4

But viewers know that one of the Wachowskis is on record that she wants to get Agent Smith in the fourth film, even if it’s not yet clear how. So one of the biggest questions The matrix 4 answer is how Agent Smith can return. It’s important to note here that Weaving’s inability to return does not change the fact that he was asked to return. This means that there was at least one plan for Agent Smith to return, whether or not it was an earlier draft of the film. Even without weaving, there is no reason to believe that The matrix 4‘s plot has changed. Given the importance of a character from Smith and the fact that the Matrix 4 seems to be recasting other roles as well, it is likely that one of the younger new cast members will play a different version of the iconic villain. Fans have had a hard time figuring out how many versions of the One existed before Neo, so the fourth film could show that alternate versions of its archenemy Agent Smith also exist in the universe of the franchise.

The Matrix 4 trailer indicates that Jonathan Groff is Agent Smith

Jonathan Groff in Matrix Resurrections

At the same time, it doesn’t offer any real evidence to refute suspicions that Neil will be Patrick Harris The matrix 4‘s main villain, the first Matrix Resurrections Trailer suggested that Groff is a new version of Agent Smith. At the end of the footage, a black suit wearing Groff says “To go back to where it all began after all these years … Back to the Matrix.” It’s hard to ignore the parallels between this scene and Agent Smith’s interrogation of Laurence Fishburnes’ Morpheus The matrix, and this echo cannot be accidental. After all, according to the Matrix’s own narration, no deja vu act is accidental. The dialogue itself also seems to suggest that Groff’s character is not only aware of the Matrix, but also awaits his own return to it.

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In addition, the scene in which Neo kneels in the rain and is held at gunpoint also reflects Morpheus’ interrogation and rescue. The figure pointing the gun at him is obscured by a blur effect, but it’s almost certainly Groff. And there is something deeply personal about the staging of the scene: Smith’s desire for revenge would be poetic, and asking Neo to kneel would fit his egomaniacal personality. After all, he was obsessed with the idea of ​​superiority. While there is obviously a chance that Groff is playing a new character, there is too much evidence to suggest that he somehow reincarnated Smith.

What Groff would mean as Agent Smith Matrix 4

But what would that mean? The matrix 4 Replace Weaving’s Agent Smith with a younger model? Well, Smith’s return could have a myriad of ramifications for the history of the franchise, as his presence along with the new Morpheus could suggest that a time travel element is at play. Or he could just be resuscitated like Neo seems to be. Of all the opportunities Groff could play for, Smith is possibly the most interesting. His presence could also lead to the existence of an alternate neo or a retelling of the original films from a new perspective if he plays a younger version of Smith.

Given the complex chronology of the matrix It is difficult to film many details from film history. With a lot of viewers who postulate that this time it is the main villain of The matrix 4 being human and not a machine, it seems possible that Harris could play that main villain, which would open up Groff’s agent Smith to many possible character journeys. His agent Smith could be a minor villain or even an unlikely ally of the reborn Neo, both options that Groff’s natural charisma would be perfect for.

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  • The Matrix Resurrections (2021)Release date: 12/22/2021

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