October 27, 2021

Top 10 Worst Things Scott & Stiles Did To Each Other, Ranking

Top 10 Worst Things Scott & Stiles Did To Each Other, Ranking

The friendship between Scott and Stiles has always been the backbone of Teen wolf. Without their strong bond and devotion to one another, the series would cease to exist. Stiles is the only person who has been by Scott’s side since day one and he carries his best friend’s burdens like his own.

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Scott makes it through his transition because Stiles has his back and Scott looks out for Stiles in return. Still, friendships all have difficult spots, and hers is no exception. Scott and Stiles share a deep, brotherly love, but they make many mistakes about their friendship.

10 Stiles lets Scott look Allison in the face

from Teen wolf In season 3, Scott took his fair share of monsters and looked death in the face more than once. However, nothing compares to the absolute terror he expresses when he and Allison make eye contact at a red light. The two haven’t spoken since their split, and Scott clearly isn’t ready to break the ice.

Despite Scott’s horror and endless protests, Stiles rolls down the window and shouts a salute. Lydia lets the lights on to avoid the confrontation, which results in a comedic scene. It’s not the worst thing a person could do, but Stiles should never have put his best friend in such an awkward position.

9 Stiles yells at Scott for being too trusting

Scott and Stiles are both good leaders in Teen wolf, but they perform in drastically different ways. The two share a disagreement when it comes to second chances, and while Scott gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, Stiles holds a grudge.

Stiles’ outburst towards Scott is inappropriate as there is nothing wrong with seeing the good in people. Whether or not Scott is naive is a matter of interpretation, but he’s a true alpha for good reason. Scott’s ability to love and forgive is admirable and Stiles should have been more careful about the situation.

8th Scott leaves Stiles with Derek

Derek isn’t a trustworthy character until the latter half of the year Teen wolf, and its violent tendencies are prominent. Always stuck working with Derek to help Scott, Stiles is greeted by his threats in the end.

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When Derek is poisoned by Kate, Scott leaves Stiles to take care of him while he goes to the Argent house to look for an antidote. Derek is ready to do anything to survive and has no problem pushing Stiles around to ensure his cooperation. He never blames Scott, but as a person, Stiles shouldn’t be the one to deal with such an aggressive werewolf.

7th Scott agrees to meet Malia without telling Stiles

Stiles and Malia are considered the worst couple in Teen wolf from a decent number of fans. Their relationship arises from an appointment in the basement of the Eichen House, and Stiles’ heart has always been elsewhere.

Still, Malia is Stiles’ first real girlfriend and the two are together for a season. Given that he is with Lydia, Stiles would probably have given his blessing to Scott and Malia – but Scott never asks about it. He assumes that Stiles doesn’t mind and while he’s right he should have spoken to him before anything happened.

6th Scott lies to Stiles while at GWU

Stiles at George Washington University in Teen Wolf.

This is not a decision made by Scott alone, and Lydia also expresses her concern about losing Stiles again. Scott can pick up the phone and fill in Stiles anytime, however, but he chooses not to. Stiles’ absence is due to the availability of actors, so returning to Beacon Hills was never an option.

But from a storytelling perspective, if Scott hides such a big secret from his best friend, it dishonors their relationship. He seeks Stiles’ best interests, but at the expense of his free will and ability to make informed decisions.

5 Stiles attacks Scott

Scott is a character that viewers find it particularly difficult to get angry with. Even when he makes his fair share of bad decisions, Scott’s heart is always in the right place. Much like the fans, Stiles isn’t often angry with his best friend, but in this case it’s understandable. Scott reverses his beliefs and the people Stiles loves most pay the price.

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Sheriff Stilinski is fighting for his life in the hospital while Lydia lies comatose in the hallway. But no matter how angry Stiles is, deliberately attacking Scott is crossing the line. Scott would never lend a hand to Stiles if the situations were reversed, and Stiles using Scott as a punching bag is one of the toughest scenes on the show.

4th Scott makes out with Lydia

Since Scott is under the influence of his first full moon when he attacks Stiles, he cannot be blamed for anything he does. Anyway, it doesn’t change how much Scott’s actions harm his best friend, especially if Stiles risks his life to help him.

Stiles and Lydia’s relationship is based on an unrequited schoolboy crush who found just one of their many romantic tropes in. is Teenage wolf. The two don’t really fall in love until they grow up, but Lydia is still the only girl Stiles has ever shown interest in. Scott makes out with his best friend’s crush, telling them in detail when the full moon is at its peak.

3 Scott doesn’t think Stiles is real

Similar to the night of the full moon, Scott loses his memory of Stiles and is out of control. Even so, it doesn’t make the circumstances any less painful. Lydia is the first person to realize someone is missing, and Scott initially agrees.

Scott and Malia both begin to doubt the existence of Stiles, and Lydia is the only one who firmly believes in him. Although he doesn’t remember who he is, Scott is ready to give up on his best friend far too quickly. It wasn’t until they made contact over the radio that Scott agreed to Lydia’s determination to find him.

2 Stiles drags Scott into the woods to look for a body

Scott and Stiles are hiding in the woods in the Teen Wolf Pilot.

Now that Scott has resigned himself to being a werewolf, this could also be considered the best Stiles ever done for him. His transition doesn’t just bring about a physical change as Scott grows up to be a fearless leader and confident person.

Regardless of how he may feel about it today, Scott is losing something he will never get back. As long as Scott is a werewolf, every day of his life is a struggle for survival. Stiles had no idea of ​​the pain his nightly adventure would cause, but he should never have pushed Scott into it.

1 Scott believes Theo about Stiles

Stiles stands in the rain in Teen Wolf.

Teen wolf Heartbreak is not a stranger to anyone and he has no problem evoking fans’ emotions. However, the fight between Stiles and Scott in the rain is one of the most tragic scenes in the entire series. Best friends implicitly trust each other and rely on them to stand behind them in any case.

Theo is not the most powerful Teen wolf Villain in terms of strength, but manipulation offers its own form of control. Scott turns his back on Stiles when he needs him most and trusts Theo about the person who has been there for him since day one. His poor judgment endangers those he loves and almost ends his friendship with Stiles forever.

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