Twitch is suing two users for alleged hate attacks

Twitch is suing two users for alleged hate attacks

Twitch is suing two users for targeting black and LGBTQIA + streamers with hate attacks that brought harassing and hateful content to their streams.

Pull out sued two users for targeting black and LGBTQIA + streamers with hate attacks who added harassing and hateful content to their streams, including racist, homophobic and sexist content. The lawsuit comes over a month after “hate attacks” began on the platform against marginalized streamers. The rampant hate raids and lack of action from Twitch finally led to a platform-wide protest from streamers and viewers in early September.

Hate robberies occur when a large number of bots (fake computer generated accounts) spam and harass a streamer in their live chat, often with racist, homophobic, sexist, and other hateful and bigoted content. In early August, marginalized streamers, especially colored streamers, noticed an increase in these raids. The lack of action and response from Twitch to prevent or stop these hate attacks led to the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter, which ended up trending on Twitter, eventually forcing Twitch to respond with changes. This didn’t stop the hate robberies, however, despite some streamers admitting they weren’t bad as” as before. This resulted in streamers across the platform holding a protest, #ADayOffTwitch, to show solidarity with those affected by the hate attacks and get Twitch’s attention so they could do better.

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Twitch filed a lawsuit against “Cruzzcontrol” from the Netherlands and “CreatineOverdose” from Vienna, Austria (via Wired). To combat the hate raids first, Twitch suspended thousands of accounts and created new chat filters to aid the automod of chat. According to the lawsuit, those two accounts were quickly banned and permanently banned, but they were not stopped. “They circumvented Twitch’s bans by creating new, alternate Twitch accounts and constantly changing their self-described “hate raid code” to avoid detection and suspension by Twitch.“Says the lawsuit. Unfortunately, the lawsuit claims that both Cruzzcontrol and CreatineOverdose are still on Twitch, operating under multiple aliases and thousands of bots. Also, the lawsuit states that both users themselves stated that they could generate thousands of bots in a matter of minutes to keep them going. the hate attacks.

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As part of their initial response to #TwitchDoBetter, Twitch announced that they would be working on channel-level lock detection and account verification improvements to improve the security of Twitch users later in 2021. Part of the problem with bots, however, is that two more can pop up. Speaking to Wired, a Twitch spokesperson said: “[t]The malicious actors involved have been highly motivated to violate our Terms of Use and create new waves of fake bot accounts aimed at harassing creators as we keep updating our site-wide protections against their rapidly evolving behavior.“The lawsuit demonstrates this by including a specific example from CreatineOverdose. On August 15, four days after Twitch announced the detection of the channel-level circumvention they were working on, CreatineOverdose demonstrated how their two software channels were infected with spam “racist insults, vivid descriptions of violence against minorities and claims that the hate robbers are the KKK. “

The hit #ADayOffTwitch that caused Twitch was noticeable, highlighting other issues the platform as a whole is having that some streamers feel hopeful about. Raven, also known as the Pull out Streamer RekItRaven said “The people behind it must be held accountable for their actions. You have terrorized hundreds if not thousands of people. If this happened in a physical location, we would expect the same. It shouldn’t be any different online.“Time will tell whether this lawsuit will alleviate the hate robbery problem.

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Source: Wired

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