October 27, 2021

Two new Minecraft games are reportedly in development

Two new Minecraft games are reportedly in development

Reportedly, Mojang Studios are working on no less than two brand new Minecraft games that have nothing to do with the core title or Minecraft Dungeons.

Developer Mojang Studios reportedly has two new ones Minecraft Projects in production, none of them related to Minecraft dungeons or the basic experience. Most people are essentially at home Minecraft Title if you think of the very popular brand developed by Mojang; however, some spin-off releases have captured the hearts of fans as well.

For example, TellTale Games were used in 2015 Minecraft: story mode, an episodic series that gave the franchise its very first narrative adventure. The star cast included Patton Oswalt, Ashley Johnson, Scott Porter, and Corey Feldman; many of them returned for a second season that appeared in digital storefronts in 2017. Minecrafts recent outsourcing, Minecraft dungeons, took the property in an entirely different direction, offering players a procedurally generated dungeon crawler with hack-and-slash combat mechanics. Apparently, the Mojang Studios crew haven’t finished experimenting with the myriad of possibilities.

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Quote”trusted sources, ” Windows headquarters‘S Jez Corden claims more Minecraft is in progress at Mojang. The studio has “at least two brand new ones [Minecraft] Projects“In development, Corden added, although none of them have any relation to the main title or the dungeon crawler Minecraft dungeons. The journalist was unable to provide specific information about the supposed titles, as he does not know exactly what the new experiences will bring.

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As always, such rumors should not be taken at face value, especially since there is currently no corroborating evidence to support the claims in question. That Mojang Studios can have several Minecraft But projects in production doesn’t sound too far-fetched. The franchise is still thriving; Plus, the sky’s the limit as to which genres it could venture into next.

Players who keep exploring the base title got a huge treat in June when Mojang got the long-awaited. brought to market Caves & Cliffs: Part I. To update. Most notably, the new content release unlocked access to additional craft items, new animals, additional plant life, and much more. Now the users are patiently waiting for the second part of the Caves & Cliffs Update introducing changes related to world generation such as new biomes and increased world altitude. The content of Part II currently has a start window for the end of 2021.

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Minecraft is now playable on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android and iOS platforms.

Source: Windows headquarters

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