Vanguard developers acknowledge issues with player visibility and audio

Vanguard developers acknowledge issues with player visibility and audio

In a Twitter thread compiling feedback on the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta, Sledgehammer Games said it plans to fix audio and visibility issues.

Editor’s note: A lawsuit has been filed against call of Duty Publisher Activision Blizzard of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, which accuses the company of engaging in abuse, discrimination and retaliation of its female employees. Activision Blizzard denies the allegations. The full details of Activision Blizzard’s lawsuit (content warning: rape, suicide, abuse, harassment) will be updated as new information becomes available.

In a recent Twitter thread Call of Duty: Vanguard Developer Sledgehammer Games acknowledged the visibility and audio mixing issues in its beta and announced plans to fix them. Sledgehammer’s answer comes just days after the first beta of the upcoming shooter, an exclusive PlayStation running set, from September 10th to 13th. vanguard The second beta will take place September 16-20 and will be open to other consoles.

Before the vanguard Beta launch, Sledgehammer announced that half of the game’s 12 playable Operators would be featured during testing. vanguard Operators are an integral part of the campaign’s storyline, and each elite soldier has a unique backstory and special skills for combat. Apparently, these Operators will also have the ability to speak during combat, a feature that sets them apart from Operators in previous titles. Hence, the nuances in the audio are not only remarkable for the overall gaming experience – they contain elements that were not used before.

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In an extensive Twitter thread Sledge hammer publicly recognized several a variety of feedback from the vanguard Beta. However, the developer specifically admitted that the game is currently experiencing significant issues in terms of player visibility and audio mixing. However, Sledgehammer already seems to have plans to address such issues in the near future, among other things. The company stated “We recognize that there is a significant discussion going on about player visibility and audio mixing. Stay tuned as we’ll be addressing some of our planned updates later this week. “ Since the next beta is scheduled for next Thursday, it is possible that these updates could happen before they are released.

In addition to the visibility and audio issues, Sledgehammer has other planned improvements for the Vanguard. After going through player feedback, the developer stated that they are trying to fix issues with the game’s quick play, game spawns, and more. Based on the comments on Sledgehammers thread, vanguard Audio and visibility seem to be the biggest issues at the moment. One user stated that the visibility is on the PlayStation 4 “not existent,” while another stated that they cannot hear dogs barking when they approach them.

The purpose of betas is to fix any issues that developers don’t want to show up when a game is officially launched. So it’s a good sign that Sledgehammer appears to be taking the necessary steps to ensure that vanguard the start goes smoothly. That being said, audio and visibility issues are pretty big – and those issues occurred while Call of Duty: Vanguards Alpha. Hopefully everything will be smoothed out successfully before the game is officially released, or – even better – before the second beta.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard will be released on November 5, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Source: Sledgehammer Games / Twitter

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